“Put on your jumper it is cold today”!

How many times has the above phrase been applied to children as they leave the house and getting into the car before the school trip?  Of course the usual “I can’t find it” reply is spoken and the next 10 minutes are spent either searching the child’s bedroom, the entire house and finally inside the school bag (of course the probability of being in lost property is very likely; however that indeed is another topic altogether). Lost items of clothing left behind at school is out of a mothers control, however a suggestion is to label all children’s clothes clearly.  A simple way to do this is using material/fabric paints ~ see here.

Sometimes searching for a missing item stresses mothers out so much that they are left in a state of anger and utter rage especially when it is NOT located.  Of course when the child is sent to school without a jumper in the colder weather; there is regret and an inner fear that this certain child may come home with a cold or cough.

To avoid the missing jumper saga in the home, here is a simple idea of where to keep and store them; preferably near the front door ~ all in one location or your closest exit door to the car.

stroage cubesIf a regular at ALDI (like myself) these storage boxes are fantastic, affordable and are handy for so many areas of the home.

The boxes stack and are great for any kind of storage and can be used in the pantry, linen closet, bedrooms and even a front door area (take a look at the links above).


Below is No Excuses! ~ School bags, blazers & hat storage area within our front door entry.  The empty shelves were awaiting some organisation and seeing the above boxes were once again in stock recently a new idea sprung to mind:


3 more labels were also created for other items that are needed for those busy school mornings or afternoon cleaning sessions!



The above labels stuck onto the ALDI tubs with Restickables.  

These boxes can stack quite easily too and can be placed anywhere!

Once the school jumpers are washed, they are placed into the jumpers box at the front door.  Once taken off after school they must also be put into the box.

The front door area also has a place for school library books, car accessories (that don’t need to be in the van all the time) and a collection box for junk.


Want to see how I organised the children’s school hats and blazers?  Go here!

A simple idea that can be used in any home!

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