Pantry Organisation

Perhaps some of you would like to know what the inside of my pantry looks like.

Pantry organisation and storage is very important, especially when you shop on a 3 monthly basis.  See my shopping lists here.

Fortunately I do have the room to do this and the best way to organise a pantry (whether big or small sized) is to invest in storage containers.  Whether you use Tupperware, Decor or another brand, it doesn’t matter.  It helps to see what you have clearly – nothing hidden in boxes behind another item or gone past their used-by-date. It is also easy to see when it’s time to restock and the product also stays fresher in a air-tight container too.

I also recommend storage boxes or baskets.  These are great for sauce bottles (see second picture below far left shelves), I have a basket for the breakfast condiments  (which is taken out of the pantry the night before – see this post).  Boxes or baskets are great to store smaller items, un-opened packets of food etc.  They can really help tidy up any area in a pantry or cupboard.

So here are my pics!

As you enter: left groceries (supplies),
right work station and appliances.
Left: I LOVE Tupperware Modular Mates!
On the far left, bottles stored in a basket & and
below that shelf, my breakfast condiments.
The green & blue boxes (ALDI) drink bottles and small Tupperware containers.
Spuds (hoping hubby will make a timber box one day),
Raw Sugar & Basmati Rice above the spuds.
Right:  Work Station – I keep most of my appliances here.  The basket ontop of the Microwave is for apples, pears  – fruit.  Same with the double basket near bread machine (I need to stock up here)!
Above Microwave, my medicines, first aid kit, light globes etc
(and corn-chips for nachos)!.
Middle top cupboards; preserving jars, coffee, hot chocolate (Milo – ALDI),
tea bags, scourers, sponges and MY drink bottles!
Bottom of cupboards:  Cake tins & baking tools – top
Bigger Tupperware containers – bottom.
Under Microwave: Wine Cellar and my TWO crock-pots.
Finally; here is a handy hint – Where to store 7 lunch boxes?

Notice my personal tools as well.
I could never find a screw driver in hubbies shed, so I got my own!