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It's time to move on..

A new law was passed in Australia which changes everything here on FB.

Therefore.. No Excuses will be inactive on FB in the next few days.

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4 years ago today, is the #anniversary of my #caraccident . During an evening errand, I drove into a fallen tree on a dark unlit country (not #melbournemetro ) road and broke my #c2vertebra . 🤕

I'd already driven along this road only 1 hour before hand to drop off kids and was going back to pick them up. It was not windy or raining - just a unfortunate accident.

At the time it was extremely difficult. But now looking back on the last 4 years, this accident and injury was a blessing, as it brought hubby and I closer together as well as our family.

As far as my injury now goes, and after getting the metal #hardware removed from my neck on the 18th February 2019; I'm 95% healed (though the scar will always be there), the last 5% is a repeat of neck or shoulder pains, which flare up every now and then, but it will never stop me from functioning and trying to improve myself each day.

So today is my reminder, to be thankful for my life, my healthy family and friends and also to offer a prayer for all those souls that lost their lives on this sad day in history too. 🙏 #911 #prayers
#Dinner being prepared and will turn on the #crockpot in about 1 hour.

#jacketpotatoes in the bottom layer.

#honey #dill #carrots in the top layer (never tried this before), but it should work a treat 👍🏼 #slowcooker #easycooking #vegetables
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It's a #gloriousday today, and perfect #weather for the #washing to dry; while sitting outside enjoying a #cuppa #coffee

Not sure how much longer I can sit here though, as it's coming onto #magpieseason and they are squarking in the trees and have flown past quite low .

I've been attacked while just sitting here or hanging out the washing last year, so it's predictable 😬🥺
The best #washingtrolley #trolley I've ever had. Will never forget the day hubby was "shocked" when my mum sent me this #secondhand #pram #stroller #buggy

You can read about it here: ⬆️⬇️