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#everyday #everymorning I take my #vitamins with #breakfast - #spirulina - #calcium #magnesium #vitd - #garlic #horsradish #vitc - #fishoil - #oliveleafextract #stayhealthy #healthy

I never forget, as I've setup a morning routine drawer and when I go away (which isn't often 😭), I also pack enough for each day away too !

#easy #organising #noexcuses
My #muscleinjury #update ;

Since last Friday's #injury (15 July 2022 - see older Post), I've been waking up struggling to take a step out of bed easily.

I've been #walking or #limping around. The pain is still in the back of the #calfmuscle but this morning I've noticed a #lovely #yellow tinge around the ankle area (the scars are from surgery) and the front of my #shin has a new #green #purple and yellow #artwork ( #bruise ) that's formed over night.

Any #physiotherapists can recommend some exercises or pain relief (besides #painkillers )? Should I be off it entirely and use crutches? #physio

(Tomorrow night will be fun, as going out to dinner, and wearing somewhat #heels 👠😳 - #blackstockings will also be required ) !

Missing my @9roundpakenham training 😭
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Today while preparing this evening's dinner (which took over an hour)... the power circuit in my #kitchen and #laundry (the two most important areas of the house), kept #tripping the #safetyswitch . I went out several times, switched off appliances - while hoping it wasn't our #fridge.

Hubby (who was busy on a work conference call), finally helped to switch off power outlets I couldn't reach (behind the fridges / washing machine and dryer - the disadvantages of being short 😁).

We then connected extension cords to the other end of the house for the major appliances, but have now pin pointed to either the power point under the kitchen sink OR guess what the #famous #dishwasher 🤬

It's now plugged in and working via an extension cord 😳 but....will be keeping an eye on it. The top shelf is on its way out already though... It keeps collapsing.

Time for a much needed #coffee before the boys return home from school.
Our first #wedding is coming up in 4.5 weeks. At least the #foldingnapkins job is almost done. (Total 220 to fold). #napkins #papernapkins
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#dishwwasher update:

It's definitely #brokenagain

A repair guy came today, but not with all the parts, so here goes another month without a working dishwasher.

Never buy a product. Their customer service seems to be ok, but their products are just #crap 💩

With all the trouble I've had, they should be loaning me one till this gets sorted or perhaps just a cash refund and I will purchase another brand 🤬

(BTW, It's starting to smell as it's still dirty from it not washing it's last load).
It's been over a month (4.5 weeks) now. And the service centre who use has been stuffed around too.

The Premium Repair Services have been great, and have come out a second time (on this new replacement machine) but BEKO have sent them either a used or faulty replacement pump. 🤬

I've had enough . I want a new dishwasher sent tomorrow or a full refund to buy another brand.

Our machine now stinks, is growing mould - I might as well plant some mushroom seedings inside!


PS: #dontbuy a #BEKO product anyone, they are crap.
Another #dishwasher gone to #applianceheaven . organised a full refund (thank you #beko ), but stay clear of their products. #dontbuybeko

Now we have a bare hole in the kitchen again 😭 until the refund gets processed (and until we work out what brand to get next). A repair / service guy told us to try @askoaustralia or @mieleaustralia next 😳

Will do some online research again!
This #cubbyhole makes for a good #storage place at least 😁!

A new #dishwasher has been purchased, but waiting on its store #delivery (hopefully on Wednesday) 🤞

Bought an @askoaustralia 🤞 and also purchased an extra 3 year warranty on top of its 2yrs🙏😬😳