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First thing this morning, I started to assemble and make up the other fillings for our #christmas #triffle - #custard and #baileys #chocolatemoose .

Unfortunately, I couldn't show you the end result due to being interrupted by my eldest son waking up to stuff oozing from his ear 😭 , so while making the desserts, I contacted hubby who was getting last minute groceries, for him to find out that a hospital visit was in order (on Christmas Eve) 🤬.

Apparently, my 18yr son got hit in side of head with a soccer ball and only told us last night 😭; upon viewing (with my mobile zoom lens), his eardrum looked very bruised.

#liquidgold destroyed in a matter of seconds 😭

It was 100% #purehoney 🐝😓☹️ the cleanup was very #sticky too 😭
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I use to sew and make clothes often when my kiddies were young, however now when I sit in front of my #sewingmachine it's just to take up hubbies #trousers 😁 #workpants #sewing #mending #pants
This is what I did on my birthday this morning (and a wonderful gift first thing today too 😍).


It was great to see all our members back training last week and smash out the challenge of the week. But there can only be one winner 🥊

Awesome work Lisa on being our CHOW CHAMP ! You showed the best improvement on your score. Keep up the awesome work.

Want to be a part of the fun? Reach out to us and get involved.

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Gone from this (left) to this state within 2 weeks and this did not even occur while exercising 😭.

Last Friday arvo, my hip hurt and by Saturday evening I was in so much pain I couldn't walk, sleep or function.

Yesterday, I had treatment via my osteopath - two hamstrings, a pinched hip nerve, muscle knots and tears (muscle and almost from the eyes), not without having my neck and shoulder cracked back in place too.

While I'm sleeping a little better, and my hip is extremely bruised, I'm still not able to walk, drive or even sit comfortably 😭

The back of my right calf muscle is throbbing (hence the ice pack).

What's even worse, it's my 'good' leg/side, therefore my left is struggling to hold up my weight 😭

It's times like this; I wish I had a maid, cleaner, chef, chauffeur and personal assistant (I wish ALDI delivered too). 😭
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Been up and about all morning (and without the #crutches 👍🏼).

It did take a little while to prep #dinner for tonight, but I managed it 👍🏼

Now it's time to lie down and #rest again after this #coffee

#gravy #choppedparsley #garlic #sweetpotatoes #potatoes #carrots #beans #mushrooms #beetroot ( #chicken is in the fridge).