Organising and tidying the Linen Closet

Of all areas in my home, the linen closet would have to be the one that ALWAYS gets into an untidy state.  Recently I labelled some of the shelves and made it easy for the children to find and store things; however the kids for some strange reason CAN NOT read these labels or even notice they are there.

This is the state of my linen before I tidied it …..again.

Bottom shelves – blow up mattress,
sleeping bags and pillows stuffed in everywhere.
Moving upwards – lower shelf should have winter or flannelette sheet sets.
The one above that Summer sheets sets.
Again the summer sheets shelf and the very top – all blankets and quilts.
Look at the labels on the shelves.

If only I could own one of these…….



Folding would be a breeze with one of those machines – not sure it would fit in my laundry though…(perhaps they make a smaller version).  Anyway, if you take a look through YouTube, there are a number of videos on how to fold fitted sheets or you can go here and see the videos I picked that are funny, amusing, stupid….and then the best!

One thing I do with my sheets sets is put the folded flat and fitted sheet inside its pillow case and store it this way. (If it’s a double set, I also put the extra pillow inside with the sheets).

When I need to get out a new set (or the kids), it is all together and I am not hunting for the matching pillowcase or sheets etc.


This system also creates less space in the cupboard.

Much better!


Changes made to the area WHERE I now store linen.  Change over made on 20/1/13.