Storage options for school uniforms, shoes and socks

Previously, the little boys room was given a good clean up, tidy and reorganised their ‘stuff’.  The 3 boys had been in a room together for 4½ years; however over the last month I was finding it very hard to keep on top of the clutter and mess. My 4yr old was still in a small “noddy’ bed but needed to upgrade, however the room would not accommodate a third single bed.  Even though the two older boys were in bunk-beds, the fear of one falling out was always there (boys are not ones to sit quietly in their rooms are they).

The time came to give our eldest boy his own space and room (although this meant him moving into the playroom just off his old bedroom) as for the two boys, the bunk beds became two separate beds, which have given much  more space.

You can see the old room arrangement, with the bunk-beds on the left and the toddler bed on the right.

Unfortunately, separating the beds meant having to forgo the over door hangers from the ends of the beds and the school bags needed to hang at the front door area once more.  The boys other bits and pieces needed a new position too.

Firstly moving off to my 8yr olds section of the playroom; he has a new cosy spot in the corner.


At the bed end and on the wall, I stuck some heavy duty 3M Clear Hooks  for his bits and pieces. I also made a old wire coat-hanger into a strong over the bed hook where he hangs his school shirt for the following day.

Under the bed (along with the dust and more of his junk), is a box full of odds n ends and two green storage boxes.  After busily laminating name tags and making labels in preparation for school (see our front door area here), these were put to good use:

The two green boxes (purchased from ALDI) hold school uniforms ~ shorts, jumpers, sports shorts and polo tops etc and in the other box shoes.  Recently coming across these fantastic Scotch Restickables, they were used on the storage boxes for the labels (no more blue tack needed).

Above the bed on the wall,  a school socks & tie organiser and the reversible double sided laminated morning/evening routine chart.

The younger boys room set up is relatively the same; here is a view inside the storage boxes.  Each boy has their own coloured boxes, red for my 6 year old and blue for the 4 year old.

 Here are few more photos of the new room set up.

Red box between the bed holds smaller books for reading time before bed.

The boys PJ Bags hanging on the left wall using 3M Hooks.

My Scatterbrain sons, school socks & tie organiser is on the right wall near his bed.

And the boys reverable chore chart is hanging on the mirrored wardrobe doors (which you can’t see to the right of the above photo).

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