Handbag hook & holder for your car.

Recently, I just got myself a runaround car and being an organiser, I have ventured through all the car accessories in various stores trying to find gadgets and things to keep the car organised and tidy, however what I was after in the way of storage wasn’t available, was a little too expensive or just way over the top, […]

DIY Tooth Paste Savers

We all have found a squished, half empty toothpaste sitting on our bathroom sink area and getting that last bit of paste out can be quite difficult and messy – especially for the kids! Here is an easy idea to make your own toothpaste savers with household items. Why not make your own!

Stay at home mums lack culture and lifetime experiences…

Recently I was accused of not having any culture by a friend who posted an image on her Facebook timeline of a strange meal as I happened to ask what it was she was eating.  I was told however, that I don’t get out much or have enough cultural experiences (mind you this came from a young single lady about to embark on […]

Out of sight, out of mind…

Messy bedrooms happen often in any sized family (even the parents rooms can get into a state of clutter and chaos); yet there is always one particular person in every family that can not get organised.   No amount of encouragement, advice or help does any good, they never seem to see the light at […]

“Soap on a rope” hanging scrubber

My girls are off to a Summer camp next week and packing the toiletries including the shower essentials are VERY important; inside their toilet/bathroom bags, they have their shampoo, tooth paste and brush, deodorants, hair brushes etc…but I didn’t have enough plastic soap holders/boxes to go around.  So after finding something on Pinterest and being inspired by this post, I […]

Quick & easy sink cleaning

Large family kitchens, food preparation and sink areas do get a good work out.  Sinks in particular are always full or in constant use and yes get VERY dirty frequently. Here is a simple and quick way to clean and also disinfect those sinks (without having to wait over hour or more to do the […]

Never complain about your role or job again…

Have you ever complained about your job or the chores you have to do?   Does being a mother take a toll on you sometimes? Come on mums, we all have our share of worries and frustrations.   But….when it comes to cleaning there are definitely some chores which are up there on the list that are the […]

The Hokey Pokey wash…

Have you ever wondered where the Hokey Pokey song originated from?  It seems to go back to the early 1800’s and has many different names and meanings based on the lyrics below.  If you are up for a bit of history, the Hokey Cokey (as it was named in the UK) can be read about […]

The best invention was created by a woman!

The dishwasher would have to be one of best kitchen appliances ever invented. Not only are they time saving; a dishwasher also sterilises and disinfects while cleaning and scrubbing at the same time. Breakfast time during school mornings is one time where the dishwasher is a lifesaver.  Large families can fill a dishwasher of a […]

Towels & Gym Bag Storage Ideas

Going to a gym was something that never crossed my mind years ago; family life and running a busy household always came first, because sometimes it’s not possible to exercise. Last year I made an effort and was trying to exercise 3 days a week (see here) while my youngest was a kinder. I also had […]

Camping indoors……..we survived (only just)!

Anyone that knows me would have to agree that I detest and refuse to go camping. This might be due to an earlier experience as a teen having been sent off to a Christian camp. I won’t go into detail, however I do remember crying my eyes out when I got there upon seeing the […]

Believe me, IT IS FERAL!!!

When I wrote this post about the job everyone hates doing; there is one that is far worse; a job that tops any job regarding parenting. That job would have to be tending to sick and vomiting children in the early hours of the morning and throughout the entire night. This IS something that all […]

That job everyone hates doing…..

It’s used every day, gets splattered, stained, full of grime and grease, and   a constant battle to keep clean (no, its not the boys bathroom); it’s the job of CLEANING THE OVEN. Over a period of time, it gets dirtier and greaser….yet we put off this cleaning job time and time again.  WHY?  Because it requires TIME, ENERGY […]

Re-organising the boys room and ‘stuff’

Re-organising the boys room and ‘stuff’

Having 3 boys in the one room can be described as chaos and in one easy word, lots of…..MESS (if you haven’t already read the post on my scatterbrain son, please do so as this post is a follow up).  This morning after a good clean, including changing two lots of wet beds, the room […]

Cleaning the stove~top

With the amount of cooking that gets done in the house by myself and my bigger girls, the stove top can get very grubby. Cleaning it thoroughly takes time and a great deal of effort.  I don’t know how many times I have made my stove top shine, then someone comes along boils something over and its […]

The joys of parenting

The joys of parenting

Do any of you remember this post on Bosistos Eucalyptus Spray, well I just had to use this a moment ago.     My 3 yr old was found with bum and legs up in the air, poop all over him including his bed, pillow and sheets and a soiled nappy all over the floor.     […]

Bosistos Eucalyptus Spray

Bosistos Eucalyptus Spray

This is a must in every home. I have always used it to kill germs, get rid of bathroom odours,great for colds and flu.  I spray the kids pillows prior to them going to bed and even the room too.  Also spray the bed linen and mattresses to kill germs etc.  


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