“Soap on a rope” hanging scrubber!

Every year my kids go off to a Summer camp and packing the toiletries including the shower essentials are VERY important; inside their toilet/bathroom bags, they have their shampoo, tooth paste and brush, deodorants, hair brushes etc…but I didn’t have enough plastic soap holders/boxes to go around.  So after finding something on Pinterest and being inspired by this post, I decided to make it a little more efficient and hence No Excuses ~ EASY style.

So here is how to make a “soap on a rope” hanging scrubber.

All you need is:


  • Sewing Machine and/or Over-locker (although zigzag stitch is fine)!
  • A worn out old towel (I keep all old towels in my laundry for spills and mopping up)
  • Some ribbon, bias binding or string
  • Scissors
  • Tape Messure
  • Ruler


Measure out each individual scrubber 29.5cm x 10.5cm (11.5″ x 4″) and cut.

Either over-lock or zigzag stitch each of the shorter 10.5cm wide ends, then turn over about 1cm of the fabric at each end and sew a straight stitch (if using good fabric, make sure the good side is on the outside).

Next cut the ribbon you are using at 50cm (19.5″) long and then cut in half again make two equal strands.

With right sides together, fold up the bottom edge to the measurement of 9cm (3.5″).

Now place each of the ribbons above the sewn edge (these will go under the top fold).

Make sure the long strands are away from the edges and stay down the centre.

Fold the top over so the entire length of the scrubber is around 11.5cm (4.5″)

Sew a straight stitch down both the left and right sides of the fabric and trim the ends off the ribbon, while tidying up the edges (you can over-lock or zigzag again too).  Next turn the  scrubbers right side out and tie the two ribbons strand ends in a knot.

Insert a bar of soap and fold over the other flap (like one would do with a pillow case).

Hang over the bathroom tap; all ready for use in the bath or shower…..

Go on give it a scrub!

I made several of these in no time at all (each one took around 10 minutes from start to finish).

These also save me having to buy the girls a sponge to take with them on their camp.

A zip lock bag is all that is needed for travelling (instead of a soap holder/box) in case they are still wet when they  return home.

Washing them is simple ~ just turn inside out again and throw straight into the washing machine.

And another good thing about the idea is………………………………….no more YUCKY STICKY GOOEY soap left in the bathtub!



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