The joys of parenting

Do any of you remember this post on Bosistos Eucalyptus Spray, well I just had to use this a moment ago.  
My 3 yr old was found with bum and legs up in the air, poop all over him including his bed, pillow and sheets and a soiled nappy all over the floor.  
I think he was trying to wipe himself (he was taking his midday nap) and perhaps gave up trying. 
I smelt something wafting for about 10 mins and thought my 7yr old had walked in dog poop from the yard.  
He then came back from his bedroom to tell the tale.  
Ewww was my first impression.  Hubby also came into the bedroom (with beer in hand) and was literallylaughing out loud – I am so grateful that he cleaned the boy, while I tackled the room with the girls help.  
My eldest 13yr old daughter was sent off to start filling the laundry sink with hot water and nappy san.  The 11yr old girl, went to get the all-purpose cleaning spray and Sabco Mop, while the 10yr old daughter got a plastic bag for the stinky nappy and poop (my 8yr old daughter was just hiding holding her nose).  I stripped the bed, picked up all the soiled clothes and rolled them in the a bundle and took them to the laundry for soaking. Then going back to the room, I wiped areas on the bed frame and afterwards my 11 yr old mopped the floor. Then out came the Bosistos Eucalyptus Spray all over the room.
Hubby then took the matress and put it on top of the clothes line out in the sun (after I also sprayed it too).

We put all the pillows and blankets out for an airing BEFORE this happened!

I am so happy he is home to deal with the mess too!

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