Cleaning the stove~top

With the amount of cooking that gets done in the house by myself and my bigger girls, the stove top can get very grubby. Cleaning it thoroughly takes time and a great deal of effort.  I don’t know how many times I have made my stove top shine, then someone comes along boils something over and its a mess within seconds; so today I came up with the following idea and will see how long it lasts.

Cleaning the stove top requires a bit of elbow grease, an old tooth brush, some cloths, a stainless steel scrubber, my chemical free multi-purpose spray, boiled kettle water, some magic GUMPTION paste and nappy-soaker! Below is the process of cleaning the stove top (I had some ‘dirtier’ photos, however it would have put you off ~ it was seriously at its worst).

After a good spray and wipe off the first layer of scum (I used paper towels), use an old tooth brush. (I don’t recommend using your partners unless you have a reasonable excuse)!  After a good scrub, apply some gumption to get off the grease; this is where the elbow grease, and stainless steel comes in too.

The bottom left burner I use the most and as you can see the inside was filthy.  I gave it a good scrub with the toothbrush full of gumption, next I poured boiling kettle water into the hole, used the toothbrush to clean and swish the water out and put an absorption cloth over the top, by finally with some more multi-purpose spray and a micro-fibre cloth, I got busy cleaning.

Job half done….

Meanwhile, in the kitchen sink., soak all the burners in some nappy soaker with hot water, then using some elbow grease and a stainless steel, scrub away!

How bout all the food that goes down the sides of the oven?  I use a metal skewer along with a microfiber cloth, wrapping it around the skewer and dragging from top wall edge to bottom front edge of the oven (doing both sides).

The next part requires a bit of practice and depends on the size of your oven.  Lining with aluminium is the easy part, however putting the burners back on requires a little effort and you need to make sure there is a gas flow and that they light properly again, test each burner before putting grill covers back onto stovetop.

Follow these simple instructions below:


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