Re-organising the boys room and ‘stuff’

Having 3 boys in the one room can be described as chaos and in one easy word, lots of…..MESS (if you haven’t already read the post on my scatterbrain son, please do so as this post is a follow up).  This morning after a good clean, including changing two lots of wet beds, the room is “done and dusted” literally.

The wardrobes and clothes I gave a small tidy as there is really no need for folding boys clothes.  I store their items in ice-cream containers ~ see here.  Yet the floor, under the beds and what was on their beds was a complete mess.

Toys are not a place for the bedroom, yet the older boy has his own shelf above his bed for bits and pieces (his junk) and I also have a small bookcase for my two younger boys things (this I picked up at second hand store).

Over the top, I hung a cheap ALDI pocket organiser (as I didn’t have time to make one of my own like here), underneath more junk is stored along with the boys night nappies and pull-ups.

Earlier in the year, I was able to also purchase from ALDI some coloured stackable storage boxes and have them all over the house in various places.  The boys have a colour each ~ one for their school uniforms (normal and sports uniforms go in same box) and the other for their shoes.

Red boxes are my Mr Scatterbrain’s (6yr old), the Blue boxes my 4yr old.

8 yr olds boxes

All the boys have a PJ Bag, a place to hang their bags on the end of one bed and their morning/evening routine chart is in view for all to read (it’s double sided and laminated and easy; just turn over)!

And now they also have a new place for their socks and tie!

Click image for instructions how to make these!

Boys room “check”!

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