“Angels We Have Heard On High….”

Christmas is a special time for children, not only are they looking forward to opening their presents on Christmas day, but the decorations, the tree and everything about the season excites them.  So continuing with our nativity scene and theme in the living room and kitchen area; this year I wanted to make the room even more special for the children to enjoy.

We don’t decorate other areas or rooms of the house being that this particular room is already quite large and  roomy.  Various ideas were flowing through my mind as I thought of ways to decorate and yet keeping within the theme; however following up and putting my idea to life, was something not to consider lightly as hanging things on walls or ceilings has a disadvantage……I don’t think my husband would appreciate any nails, hooks or any hammering into his painted walls, therefore my idea soon diminished.

BUT…….fortunately, there was and IS an alternative to my dilemma which of course I am going to share with you!


These are the new 3M Command Clear Hooks; not only are they damage-free (no hammer needed or damaged walls). They are transparent, stick on easily to a variety of different surfaces they also hold on strongly and come in a range of sizes and suitable for different weights.

These little beauties are fantastic, and if you go through some of my posts throughout this website, you will see I have used the 3M hooks in all areas of my home.  From the bathroom, the bedrooms, my pantry and even used in my en-suite cupboard for jewellery. They are easy to remove and come off cleanly as well ~ no paint off  the walls removed either (otherwise hubby would kill me)!

As I said, these are available in a range of sizes suitable for different weights – including the Mini, Small and Medium hooks as well as the Utensil and Decorating Clips priced from $6.99 (RRP) which can be purchased at all leading supermarkets and retail outlets across Australia (you have No Excuses not to find them almost anywhere).

Below I wish to show you how I decorated my home for Christmas using these damage free hanging hooks:

In order to start the Christmas decorating, I first had to purchase some supplies.  One benefit of leaving the decorating a week or so before Christmas is that decorations are starting to go on sale.  Hence I picked up these from my local Big W store ~ BONUS!


The bare walls…….the blank canvas…….the large area to fill:

The blank walls before:

Here I wanted to create a scene of angels; those that may have been seen many years ago ‘while shepherds watched their flocks by night’ (as the line of the song goes), firstly I went  through the packs of 3M Command hangers and used these Mini Hooks:

I wanted to create a wave like pattern; so I stood on stools, (and the bench top) used hubbies ladder, marked with a ruler and pencil and stuck the hooks to the walls evenly (I also had the aid of some small helpers using their eyes as a level) .

After hanging the string lights, and turning them on the next step was hanging the decorations.  I used the current hooks for the stars and small angels; but used these Utensil Hooks to hang the angels from the ceiling (there were lots of marks and cobwebs up there too):





Finally here is a noisy video of the end result………..

you can also hear the children’s voices in the background singing away….

I am participating in the #3M Christmas campaign. I received a VISA gift card for this post courtesy of 3M via Digital Parents Collective. I am also in the running to win an iPad3.  As always, all opinions are purely my own.

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