Nativity Scene ~ 2012

Each year our scene is set up slightly different (see 2011 here), we don’t set up our ‘stable/cave’ until Christmas eve, but have the scene unfolding around the area.  The children love to see the figures moving closer to the cave in anticipation that Christmas day is nearer.

The three wise men sit beside their camp and the fire for the night before following the star and their journey to Bethlehem (hence the camel tied up)  the fire was made last year along with the tent too.

Mary and Joseph sit behind the city resting for their long journey.

The scene in full ~ the base of our tree is in view in the corner and the Advent Wreath on the fireplace.

Close up of how the glass angels were hung.

I painted this backdrop scene years ago.

A couple of branches from the garden and the scene is complete.

More details was added by the children below

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