First-Aid-Kit Organisation

For the last few weeks I have been shaking my head, grunting and getting completely annoyed with the state of my First-Aid Kit area in my pantry cupboard. One particular kid has a bad habit of getting band-aids out of each pack and throwing them all over the place. I have found butts in the fruit box above the microwave; in my cake tin and Tupperware drawers, not to mention all over the floor.

Then I had a child pull something out of the shelves and one box came crashing down, of course they didn’t tell me until after everything was shoved back in the shelves all over the place.

Top shelf – Everything is all over the place with the top shelf housing the medicine and ointment bottles, boxes, band-aids.
Middle shelf – our First-Aid Kit on the left (not closing and with junk all through it).
Bottom shelf – cooking stuff and and other random items, including a few more band-aids.

I had all these ideas of finding some fancy first-aid storage system, but couldn’t find anything suitable, so the first thing I did, was reorganise the cupboard area:

Top shelf – Vitamins and medicines stored up high.
Middle shelf – Ointments / Cream / Antiseptic placed into tubs.
Bottom shelf – now used for baking storage.


Inside the door – 3M hooks and a zip-lock bag of cotton wool.

Behind the door – 3M hook on the wall all other items are stored inside a jewellery storage bag:


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