The Kids Bathroom

“Hands up” if you love to clean your kids bathroom.  NOT ME!

If you have boys…you know what it’s like.

Boys can be so gross, and it wasn’t until they were old enough to start using the toilet that I realised!

Girls on the other hand can also be messy in the bathroom – hair in the sink, cotton buds, hair clips all over the house etc.

My biggest annoyance IS wet towels lying all over the floor after the evening baths.  Why can’t they just pick them up?  (These also are left in the bedrooms too and it drives my hubby and I crazy).

I think the only answer to this is to keep at them and just be that broken record “PICK UP YOUR TOWEL….HANG IT UP ON THE RAIL”.

I keep very little in my kids bathroom.  Under the sink in the cupboard, I only store floor mats and floor towels. 

In the sink cupboard drawers, I store face washers.  I use to fold them neatly in mirror cabinet, however they kept getting pulled down (by the kids), so I got this idea from The Organised Housewife and now don’t bother folding them (go and read her idea at the link).

Drawers also labelled
(No Excuse if you can’t find where they go)!
The Organised Housewife also goes into detail here on how to give your bathroom a quick clean.  

I have also now used her idea of using the old face washers to give the sink, bath and top of toilet a quick clean!

In this bathroom, I have one washing basket for dirty clothes and towels, any wet towels that are too wet to dry during the day just go in there for next wash!  When sorting in the laundry they go into my blue washing basket – see this post on the laundry.

In the top mirror cabinet all the towels are stored in the middle doors (more labels).  I don’t keep any chemicals in the kids bathroom.  In the right side of the towel section (no photo), this area is starting to fill with face creams, deodorants and girlie things!  So far the boys have not got into these yet!

Above the bath, I recently put up some 3M hooks.  And put some stickers on them too.  These are for the kids face washers.

The toilet area, I have a large kitchen sized bin (for all those toilet rolls we go through), wet pull-ups and nappies only.  The toilet paper is stored in a plastic holder – mine holds 6 rolls.
Now onto the sink area and all those tooth brushes.  

Big families have lots of tooth brushes.  And of course when you go to buy a holder at the shops, it only has space for 4 brushes.

I was so excited when I found these the other day (I paid about $3.00 in one of those $2 or bargain shops).  A suction toothbrush holder (that can be put through the dishwasher). As you can see I bought 2 of them.  (Why my kids have 10 tooth brushes is quite baffling actually – I only have 7 kids…perhaps someone is using two)?

Oh another tip for the tooth brushes.  Once in a while I put these through the dishwasher too!

The kids toothpastes and a extra face washer go in one of these. Again I paid around the same price as the tooth brush holders.  This also can go through the dishwasher for cleaning.

I even went and got some for my bathroom (his and hers). They are great for deodorants, shaving creams, shavers etc.


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