Everyone has a ‘scatterbrain’ in their household…….

Even at No Excusesthere is ONE child that is exactly what the dictionary describes:  


 A person regarded as flighty, thoughtless, or disorganized.


a person who is incapable of serious thought or concentration.

Unfortunately we do have one of those; our youngest school aged student, the Prep or Kindergarten (if you are from NSW).  This particular child seems to have a great nack for loosing things OVER NIGHT while he is sleeping.  No amount of preparing the night before so far has solved his problem.  It is almost as if I have some evil night fairies that insist on causing havoc.  And this particular week, he has been sending everyone around the bend (and it’s only Wednesday).  School mornings are such a hassle and it takes forever to get this little guy in the car.

Monday morning, his black school shoes were missing “they are NOT IN MY BOX” he states.  If he actually looked in HIS box UNDER the blanket, he may have well and truly found them.  His tie was also not to be found….. although it was hanging on the end of his bed.

Monday afternoon, I got an email from his teacher “your son did not bring his homework book and diary to school today, so I have have put his homework sheet into his blazer pocket.  Please search his pockets if he forgets to give this to you” (his teacher knows him too well).  Of course I had to search his pockets.  However, it then took another hour to actually find his homework book and diary in the house *sigh*.

Tuesday morning, we couldn’t find his school bag and spent the morning searching again….where was it……under his bed.

Wednesday morning (today), he had no socks … OH and a white shirt.  Yelling from his room “SOMEONE GET ME A SHIRT”, of course this was not exactly his fault as I haven’t had a chance to iron any this week, but they are in a pile ready to go (not that ironing a school shirt does much for a boy, as they come home looking like feral little animals anyway ~ white shirts don’t stay crease or stain free).

The shirt was put onto the lounge for him, yet he still thought it would just float into his hands all the way up to his room (I may have a twitch in my nose from hay-fever however it doesn’t work like Samantha from Bewitched); “YOUR SHIRT IS ON THE LOUNGE, COME AND GET IT” was my reply.  As for his socks…… those were in his pile of clean washing that HE had not put away.

After I dropped the children to school, I then had to drove to an orthodontist appointment for two of my older girls; afterwards we quickly ducked into ALDI on the way home (for milk and bread) and low and behold in Aldi, I get a phone call from school: “your youngest prep student hasn’t any lunch today, we managed to rummage around and find a snack for recess, however he will need lunch for later”.  You can only imagine what I was thinking, unfortunately it also was not lunch order day at school, so instead of heading for school to drop the girls back, we had to make a trip back home first and there his lunch box was, sitting on the bench top.

Perhaps some of you are thinking ~ how did we miss that? Well, you try getting 7 heads into the car on time….(besides we were searching for a shirt and socks weren’t we).

So here I sit, laying out our troubles on the blog; I am seriously going to put my thinking cap on to try and organise this BOY better (even though I already have a system in place for the boys room; their shoes, school uniforms and such) there has to be an easier way…though what I have in place has been working fine…for the 8 yr old.   I am also wondering what else we may need to contend with for the rest of this week (and YES, I am *sighing* again).

Who else has a child like I described above?

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  1. Lenore Lenore
    15, November 2012    

    Me too! I have a chart on the fridge that lists each step that the kids need to do to get ready for school (with pictures! – my cousin took photos of her girl doing each job for her chart!), and they all have a magnet that they move along as they complete each thing! Eat Breakky (big hassle for my no1) Do teeth (hassle for No2), Get Dressed (Hassle for No3) etc, shoes & sox, make bed, pack bag, do hair (We have 4 girls! I just gave them all bobs!!), and yet we still can’t seem to make it to school on time regularly! I also got a school from the office last week asking me if I was planning on feeding my children that day :-S

    The chart does seem to really help especially miss5! It helps her visualise what she still needs to do I think… otherwise she just gets distracted and starts playing! miss9 and miss7 end up competing! which is sometimes a good thing… sometimes! lol…

    Let me know if you discover any tricks!

    PS I have a list of things they need to do in the arvos/ evenings but I haven’t really set anything up, I think I need too… And there are certain rewards for getting ready on time… little things, like being able to walk down and pick up our neighbours girl on the days that I watch her, or taking my son down there on the days she watches him for me.

  2. karen_mallam karen_mallam
    22, November 2012    

    I had one of those!!!! He’s 30 now and not much has changed. He’s still unorganised and forgetful. But he’s happy, he’s never been unemployed, he volunteers in our community and is Deputy Captain of our local Rural Fire Service. And me….I think I secretly miss running off down the street most mornings after him with his homework/bus pass/lunch….whatever. I know it is very easy for me to say with all those years in between then and now, but try to accept him as he is. I realise now that my nagging and worrying about him only made it alot harder for both of us and the rest of our household. Maybe this special one needs more time and help in the mornings…and with your already full timetable that time may be hard to find…but I promise you it will be worth it. You are truly amazing with all that you accomplish and the sterling job you are doing with your large family. Well done you, I admire you enormously!

      22, November 2012    

      Thank you Karen for your support. (Oh boy though, do some child never break this habit ~ biting my nails).

      His lost socks dilemma I have taken care off (see the very latest post on the home page), but his lunch problem…well *sigh*. What I have to keep telling myself is ~ it is his first year at school, he is only 6 and he WILL get better at it…..(I hope) 😉

  3. Rosie Rosie
    13, April 2013    

    Out of my six kids, my number 4 girl (9yo) is always distracted and always takes longer to get ready in the morning. I plan on reinventing the chart for my bottom three again (including her), but I’m going to add a time limit and give a digital timer so she can watch the time ticking by (and hopefully move accordingly). Hopefully she has learnt enough about time at school to understand the time ticking down. I’m hoping it will only take a couple of mornings of not getting to finish breakfast, lunch prep etc, that she might speed up a bit! What do you think?

      14, April 2013    

      All I can say Rosie, is keep persisting, breathing and have a glass of wine on hand 😉

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