Breathing a sigh of relief!

We all have those mornings; those that turn a mother from the gentle creature she should be InnocentKiss to the roaring lioness, ferociously snarling and snapping at the cubs to get a move on, eat their breakfast, find and put on those shoes, jumper and hat, grab their lunch, brush their teeth and hair and GET IN THE CAR!

No Excuses had one of those mornings ~ a “Manic Monday” in fact; yet the chorus of the song is totally wrong: 

It’s just another manic Monday
I wish it were Sunday
‘Cause that’s my fun day
I don’t have to run day
It’s just another manic Monday…

While Sunday is normally a day to spend with the family; whether out and about visiting, a picnic, family drive etc, Sunday evenings on the other hand are busier than ever.  School uniforms may need ironing, socks, shirts, dresses found (including shoes), lunches made, permission notes signed and money handed over!  Sunday nights can be chaos.

Come Monday morning and everything turns into the scene described above.  Perhaps one would think that  if being organised the night before; a Manic Monday would not exist.  Right? Wrong!  A more detailed explanation of this can be read here at Tardiness is NOT tolerated!

Some Monday mornings are a real struggle and mental strain on the mother with orders being given left, right and centre.  Boys I must admit are the hardest to get ready of a morning; common sense lacks in some “get your socks and shoes on NOW”…..”huh” is a common reply or complete vagueness.  

My scatterbrain son, has been missing his sports and school jumpers for weeks at school now (of course all the clothing in lost property are NOT labelled ~ No Excuses labels all their clothes here).  This very morning he was dragging the chain, with no shoes and nearly went to school wearing a pink jumper; (funnily enough he  then managed to find a black plain one to wear today after that threat was given); he is constantly reminded  to search for those missing items.

Finally all bodies corrected and accounted for are in the car, yet the fighting and disorder does not stop there. Not all are seated, bags flung around the van and various bodies in the someone else’s seat.  The windscreen fogs up with smoke coming from mothers ears, radio turned up and the drive to school seems an eternity.  

Then there is that moment, when one pulls into the drop off zone, the children scramble out the door and are sent on their way to their class rooms.  The sliding door is shut, the car pulls away from the curb and makes its way back on the home stretch.  

Those thoughts of anger and frown lines start to disappear …..the 4yr old might be in the back of the van, yet the radio gets changed to some livelier music, the drive home has never been happier!

Upon entering the house, the kitchen might still be in a mess, rooms untidy and the beds unmade, but nothing can deter from this feeling….. and on goes the DVD babysitter.

Then there is that SIGH of relief, that breathe of fresh air, that aroma of coffee and that breakfast that was long awaited!  The mess can wait (for a little while), the child can watch as many DVDs as he likes.

If only he could just leave her alone for just a little while she………………….. “breathes that sigh of relief“.


Happy manic Monday everyone!

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