Making Lasagne can be very time consuming, therefore when I make lasagne, I never just make one. I always do in bulk so I have meals to freeze for the future.

I also tend to make the Bolognese Sauce the day before and let it sit on the stove top over night.  This allows all the juices and flavours to develop. (Spaghetti ALWAYS tastes better the day after ~ as in left-overs).

Here is how I make lasagne.

I always put a little of the Bolognese Sauce juices at the bottom of the dishes first.

Next using my Italian pasta roller, I make my sheets of lasagne, starting on setting no. 1, and going all the way up to no. 7.

After laying them flat, I use scissors to cut them into strips.

Starting with a first layer of pasta, followed by the Bolognese Sauce, then a layer of sliced tasty cheese.

Then another layer of pasta.  The pasta does not need to be ‘neat’ as long as it covers over each layer.

Next layer more Bolognese Sauce, tasty cheese and a little cream cheese.

…followed by more pasta sheets…

Here are the FIVE dishes I made from the huge pot of sauce above.  I also have a little left over for another meal.

Next cover with Bechamel Sauce and sprinkle with herbs.


Place cling wrap over the top, and stored in freezer for future meals.

Bake in a 200C oven for about 40 minutes to 1 hr.

(If frozen, a little longer).

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