A bit of humour ~ a new appliance

When you buy or are given a new appliance, are you eager to try it out straight away?  Normally I am as it is so exciting to have a brand new, dent free, clean and shiny toy to play with.

New appliances are exciting; you just want to plug them in and give them a test run straight away.  Usually it doesn’t matter what it is…whether it be a new washing machine, dryer, or vacuum cleaner ~ yes these are great appliances when they work well.  


Then you have coffee machines, blenders, mix masters, food processors (just to name a few). These are appliances that just have to be tried out immediately upo opening the packaging and  plugging into the power wall socket.

On the other hand, today I found one appliance that does not tickle my fancy, one that I have no inclination to use or plug-in in a hurry.

Today, I was given a brand new iron; a replacement for my not so old, but broken one.  If you are a fan on my facebook page, you may have read what happened to this.

If you don’t have facebook; well, my 7yr old son was at home from school today, he had a tummy bug last night so I thought it best to give him the day off. A definite WRONG decision of mine.  In fact he was quite well, very bored and wild. He would not go outside and play so in a fit of rage, threw a lounge cushion across the room, this hit the iron resting on the board and POW, it hit the floor.


He naturally went outside in a hurry (I couldn’t catch him actually).Anyway, my friend saw the above photo on facebook and kindly donated me a brand new iron (she already had another new one to use of her own).  

It’s from ALDI of course, but who cares, it was free!

So getting back to my point; seriously who would be excited about trying out this new appliance?  Is there anyone that loves to iron?

Thank you very much to my friend for this gift, however perhaps I should have declined ~ after all ironing is such a drag!


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