First-Aid Kit Organisation

For the last few weeks I have been shaking my head, grunting and getting completely annoyed with the state of my First-Aid Kit area in my pantry cupboard.

The kids have a bad habit of getting not one but several band-aids out of each pack and throwing them all over the place. I have found band-aid butts in the fruit box above the microwave; in my cake tin and Tupperware drawers, not to mention all over the floor.

Then I had a child pull something out of the shelves and one box came crashing down, of course they didn’t tell me until after everything was shoved back in the shelves all over the place.

Here is the mess I had to sort out.   Everything is all over the place.  Top shelf medicine and ointment bottles, boxes, band-aids.  Next shelf down, our First-Aid Kit on the left (not closing), with junk all through it.  Bottom shelf cooking stuff and also the empty box of Tim Tams has more band-aids, pills inside etc.

I had all these ideas last week of how I would go about storing my first-aid equipment and went to every local store I could think of to try and purchase something like this, (I even tried Op shops too):  

When you click the link, this is available from Howards Storage World.  The only way for me to purchase this is online (I am not near a store).  However, I couldn’t justify paying over $30 (when you consider postage) for plastic hanging storage.

So, I left the cupboard for another week and did my other chores.  Then I got an idea Saturday morning for using items I already had in my home.

With the help of a child, I pulled EVERYTHING out of the cupboard and started sorting.

Band-Aids ~ firstly I opened all the packs, removed their individual packing and placed them in sizes into a ‘snack sized’ zip lock bags then fastened them all together with a document clip.  I put the clip on the side for easy access (no need to remove the clip when one needs a band-aid).

  • Ointments ~ creams and small ointments I also put into a zip lock bag. Wound Dressing / Wipes ~ also put into zip lock bags.  
Re-using a box from the cupboard the other bottles and disinfectants (Dettol) went into the back and the two zip lock bags to the front.  For easy access (everything needed for a bloody knee).
  • Pills / Medication ~ Again, I used more zip lock bags labelling them with a permanent marker.

I also stored our cotton balls and all our bandages into bags as well.  

If you are wondering why I have so many bandages, this is due to the fact that I live on a property.  We have had snakes close to the house and in play areas around the home every summer.  So these are for snake bites ~ compression bandages. 

Here is a link if you are interested in our Aussie snakes and how to apply pressure bandages to treat a snake bite.

The next thing I did, was use some of those fantastic 3M hooks. Take a look and see how I stored all those bags.

This is the left side cupboard door. All bags are being held by document holders, the 3M hooks stuck to the inside of the door.

Top left, TOOLS ~ scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, safety pins, thermometer etc. Top right ~ HEAD ACHE & MUMMY ONLY pills.  Middle left ~ BAND-AIDS.  Middle right ~ SINUS/ HAY-FEVER tablets.   Bottom ~ cotton balls & cotton buds.

The right cupboard inside door: Top ~ my supply of 3M hooks.  Middle ~ my daughter has asthma and that is her asthma plan booklet (it also has emergency steps inside to tackle an asthma attack).  

Bottom ~ I laminated the reversible first-aid information leaflet that came with my first-aid kit (if you go back up the page you can see it is folded next to the box of ointments / wound dressings and bottles.

My second shelf in the cupboard has the other bits and pieces.  Left ~ Wound Dressing / Wipes box with the disinfectants etc.  Next to this all the treatment solutions for those “little buggers”.  Next along are the bandages and to the right of this is my daughters asthma box.  

Here is the whole view of the cupboard now and a big improvement.  Top shelf on the far left are a couple of medicine bottles, however the rest are my preserving jars. 

Middle shelf as explained above, yet on the right are also rubber bands and light globes.

Bottom shelf, a few pantry items.

I am really happy with my new organised cupboard including  the first-aid kit area.

Simple but EASY ideas to use in any home.

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