Tears of joy and excitement over a pair of….

Words can’t truly express how I’m feeling, however I literally cried tears of joy and jumped up and down like an excited little girl.  You see I opened a special box that arrived in the post today, something that I have been hoping for, wanting and dreaming about for the past 3 years.  For some […]

Do I have too many shoes!

According to my husband, I have too many shoes;  my new 10 shoe hanging rack has only 6 spaces filled – with the exception of a pair of boots which don’t fit in there (these I have hanging on a coat hanger) and joggers which stay in my gym bag when not being worn.  Is […]

A funny foot

From time to time, a post not related to organising will show up here at No Excuses regarding my “funny foot” in order to spread an awareness for anyone else that may have a foot condition.  When I had my surgery done in 2002, there was not much information out on the web, therefore, I will […]

Seven Satisfied School Shoe Shoppers

Buying school shoes might not be a big deal for some families, yet when seven pairs of black school shoes are needed, (not forgetting to mention joggers or sports shoes as well), the whole ordeal of trekking from one store to the other and trying on endless pairs of shoes can give any parent a […]

These shoes are made for walking….a foot aid kit

Most women are passionate about shoes and experience sheer excitement when buying a new pair (even if they already have 100’s of other pairs in their wardrobe). No Excuses on the other hand; buys shoes, takes them home and is really worried if she has bought the correct pair, if they are going to be […]

Supportive footwear is the key to comfort

As a survivor of Triple Arthrodesis surgery; footwear and supportive shoes are very important!  Those of you that have not read my story can do so here!   Of course this was written early last year and I had forgotten to do a follow up post on the outcome of it all. Recently an acquaintance met […]

No “Imelda Marcos” here!

As a mother we are constantly on our feet throughout the day; and wearing supportive footwear is very important. However having problem feet is not something to be taken lightly. Throughout all my life buying shoes has never been easy. My own mother can vouch for this; shopping for shoes was hard work.

Surviving a Triple Arthodesis ~ my biggest challenge yet.

Throughout our lives we encounter many trials and struggles. Sometimes we don’t understand and have moments of “Why has this happened to me”. When these moments arise and situations change, each person/family has a different way of coping. Grief, stress, hardship and suffering are all dealt with in our own way. As for myself when hardship arises, I try […]


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