Supportive footwear is the key to comfort

As a survivor of Triple Arthrodesis surgery; footwear and supportive shoes are very important!  Those of you that have not read my story can do so here!   Of course this was written early last year and I had forgotten to do a follow up post on the outcome of it all.

Recently an acquaintance met up with my husband; both guys got talking and the subject turned to my foot(so this is what blokes talk about huh)!  Wink

This other person was also experiencing foot and muscle issues and had been told that surgery was his only option. I emailed this post “Surviving a Triple Arthodesis ~ my biggest challenge yet to him and followed up with the following information:

The outcome after the March 2012; was to have an ultra sound scan followed by a cortisone injection.  The surgeon I saw did not give me all the facts about the procedure and what I was in for.  Therefore, I did some research and finally when I saw the radiologist and had the ultra sound; I was told that an injection was NOT a cure and it can have side effects, one being a rupture of the Achilles tendon (which in my case was high as when I had my surgery in 2002, they also had to lengthen mine).  The injection can only be done in the same place 3 times; can either last for months (relieve the pain) or not work at all.  It will not fix the problem.  Along with this there are other side effects, like headaches, muscle spasms etc. The day my husband took me for this scan and injection was the day my foot was playing up quite a lot, yet I decided not to have the injection.

That very day (hubby took the day off work) we did a bit of shopping afterwards and I bought some new footwear (good walking lace up shoes – ROCKPORT) and within minutes of walking in them, my aches and pains had gone. I knew from that very moment it comes down to the footwear. 

I continue to see my Podiatrist who is in Sydney.  He knows my case from before and after my surgery, therefore my foot is not something I should ignore or take for granted, this is the reason I choose to stay with my current care provider.  I believe finding him was a blessing it itself as a country physiotherapist (all the way from Dorrigo NSW) put me onto him. 


That podiatrist is Dr Michael Kinchington;  you can see who else he looks after in the link, he also was one of the Podiatrist at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.  Are there any Sydney Swans fans?  Check out the link here too! 

My original surgeon is also in Sydney; however I no longer see him.

I saw the following in surgeon here in Melbourne:  (he was the one that wanted to remove my screws – internal hardware). And  this is the surgeon that told me to have injection.  (At the time I was also having issues with my knee as well).

My advice for anyone with foot or knee issues; see a podiatrist first and wearing the proper footwear is the key. My podiatrist normally gives me a list of good joggers I should be wearing (no cheap Big W or Target pairs). 

I also need my orthotics made to measure – plaster moulded to my feet shape.  These are not cheap, however they do last for a few years (although I need new ones as mine were last made up in 2009, which I think is another reason my ankle is starting to play up again now).

This is not my foot – google images

So there you have it.   The current status of my ankle is stable at the moment.  I do however need to upgrade my current everyday footwear.  Those tanned coloured ROCKPORT above, are now over a year old, and are very torn and worn!  My joggers will also need replacing again soon.

The rest of my footwear can be seen here (which is not at all large), however I am determined to keep finding and purchasing good quality (although they are expensive) shoes for my poor feet!

If anyone reading has foot issues or has problems with finding appropriate footwear; stay tuned or even subscribe to this site (see the follow or subscribe to latest posts via email section above) as I hope to post on this issue more often!

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