No “Imelda Marcos” here!

As a mother we are constantly on our feet throughout the day; and wearing supportive footwear is very important.

However having problem feet is not something to be taken lightly. Throughout all my life buying shoes has never been easy. My own mother can vouch for this; shopping for shoes was hard work.

I often envy those other woman that can just walk into Target or any other shoe store and buy what ever suits them.

On the other hand when it comes to buying a pair of shoes for myself, I need the whole day planned, this also involves finding a speciality shoe store (the sales reps must hate it when they see me coming, as I try on literally dozens of shoes and then walk away empty handed) shoes also cost literally hundreds of dollars.

After my second foot operation (10 years ago in fact), I had to see a Podiatrist and now have to wear (specially made plaster moulded) orthotics  ~ that fit to my feet shape in all my footwear.

The orthotics alone have to be replaced every 2 -3 years (I think I am over due actually), my podiatrist is in Sydney and the orthotics cost an arm and a leg (or two feet) ~ nearly $500 for these:


My everyday footwear is a pair of New Balance joggers (attractive huh); these are not so good to wear during the summer time and heat though.

Recently I bought a pair of ROCKPORT which fit my orthotics and I practically live in them.  They are also not so obvious and are even a little trendy; however when it comes to orthotic footwear, if you just do a google search  they are not at all pretty looking shoes.


Summer time is much harder.  Find sandals is a complete disaster.  They either are hideous or have little support.

My main problem is, once wearing orthotics and trying on many pairs of shoes; the foot tends to rise slightly out of the heel of the shoe when walking and/or sometimes the foot slides forward due to the orthotic.

The only way to stop this is to wear lace up shoes (very tightly) or something with a buckle that again can be fastened tightly to hold the foot in the shoe.  Most orthotic shoes made today have a Velcro strap, which does not support or enable the shoe to be tightened accordingly.

The most common orthotic footwear stores (that are easy to find) are Kumfs ~ now called Ziera Shoes and HomyPeg…again just go to both sights….UGLY shoes and all Velcro strapped or just slip-ons (not at all good for orthotics), they do have lace-ups, but please how bout a bit of style.

So where do I buy my shoes?  Umm I am still searching; the problem is, when I find a pair I can wear, I should buy two pairs….but when you are paying nearly $200 – $300 for one set of shoes, it is a hard call.

Here is my collection:

Munro – USA made purchased from Peter Sheppards – Sydney almost 10 years ago!  

This is the similar style that can be purchased today ~ Munro ‘Ascot 2’ $299.95 (I paid close to that price years ago, mine are still in pretty good shape too).

If you ever have a chance to go into Peter Sheppard Footwear it is a real treat (although I felt out of place walking into the store decked out in my joggers); when ever I go in, I often wonder if I will see a celebrity trying on shoes!

My Kumfs – short boots (again lace up) – paid around $200.

Some throw on flip flops from BigW…which I should never wear…however, these I chuck on for around the house and a quick dash to school (summer wear) these are my cheap shoes!

Long boots I have never been able to wear until last year when I found a pair in Rivers that fit my orthotics.  Again the problem was the sliding of the orthotic in the boot, without the laces, boots were no good.  A pair of good quality orthotic boots cost……well lets just say, I could buy two pairs of Peter Sheppard Footwear for the same price.

I have a pair of boots with heels and an everyday pair, both are Rivers boots and these fit my orthotics.


Have you noticed the colour of all my shoes so far too; not at all out there and pretty huh, however at least black can be worn with just about anything.

As for dressing up and hitting the town; I own ONE pair of heels (yes only one I am afraid) and guess what colour they are.

I have my podiatrist to thank for finding the following shoe for me as my previous going out heels were these:


Beautiful aren’t they, these I wore for over 3 – 4 years due to the fact that I could not find a replacement.

My recent heels I purchased from Bared Shoes (over a year ago though); again they are black but at least they have some style about them, they are comfortable and don’t even look like orthotic wearing shoes….I absolutely love them (can’t you see how worn in they are)!

I have been meaning to go back to the store to buy another colour, however, due to the fact that it takes all day for me to pick and try on shoes, it is not that easy. I would also have to go into the city (over an 1 hr drive to get there).

They even come in this beautiful metal shoe box and if you go to the web site, they have many different colours to choose from (I just need to go back and find another pair).

So there you have it ~ my entire array of shoes; definitely not an “Imelda Marcos” here!  How many shoes do you have in your collection?

If by chance you are reading this and also have problems finding shoes for your orthotic wearing feet; please share this post with friends and family and/or email it to various shoe companies; perhaps one day they might listen to us and our poor feet for a change, you never know they just might design something that is affordable and easy wearing for us too.

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