Where are my keys?

Losing your keys would have to be one of the most annoying things to happen, especially when you need to be out the door in a flash or trying to get back inside in a hurry.
Throwing them inside your handbag is often a nightmare waiting to happen.  For one thing they are never in there no matter how long you rummage through the bottom and throughout its compartments. Even husbands find this difficult when looking for their wives keys inside handbags.
You then go searching else where ~ behind the lounge, in and under your bed, inside the bedside drawers, inside the toilet/s (we all have kids), the playroom, kitchen etc then finally returning to the handbag.  

Of course they are still not inside so you end up tipping the entire contents out onto the bench top, your bed or floor and “abracadabra” like magic there they are.  

Now that you have your keys, the next step is to get in the car and go out with babies, toddlers and children. You do have those keys in your hands right; your next option is to either put them back into your handbag or onto another seat while strapping the child/ren into their car seat/s.  

On top of this you have also packed the car full of groceries, shoved bags everywhere and now ready to hit the road……but low and behold….oh no, the little blighter’s have gone missing again.  Are you all nodding right now, has this happened to you?

Well, I have the answer and have been using this method for years now.  You need to get yourself one of these:

Neck Strap Key Holder
(I know it needs a clean)
You can pick these up from most bargain or $2 shops.  

Fortunately my latest handbag has a nifty little keying button I can fix my keys too, however sometimes, I just throw my keys inside my bag and the long strap (that is brightly coloured) is easier to find inside.

These are a must if you have children or you have a habit of loosing your keys.  Just throw them around the neck.  No more lost keys while strapping the kids in their seats.  

If they get in the way, I rotate the cord around to my back.  This also helps when loading groceries in the car too.

My daughter modelling for me

At home, I don’t store them in my handbag, but instead on the back of my bedroom door (usually).  Again they are easy to find and ready to place around the neck on the way out of the house.

There is one disadvantage with this method of mine though;  my husband.  He hates “the thing” on the keys.  When he drives the van and has my keys, he removes the neck strap and places it somewhere.  Hence I am then back to square one ~ “Where are MY keys”?

Perhaps when he gets online and reads my latest post he may realise WHY I put “that thing” on the keys in the first place.

So, you now have No Excuses! Go get yourself a Neck Strap Key Holder and you will never lose your keys again.

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