What is with Wednesdays?

I know things have been pretty quiet around here lately and I apologise for my absence. However, the last two weeks have been jammed packed with things on.  My weekends go by ever so quickly, that sometimes I forget that my husband was actually home and around the place(my husband works away from home Monday to Friday – I have a weekend hubby)! 

So along comes Monday and I am usually ready for the week and organised. On the other hand; Monday can have several names: Moanday, Manic Monday, Monday Madness etc, mine I like to call Motivated Monday which along with it begins my Monday Menu – COOKING FOR TEN post, but this did not happen this week (we can’t be all perfect) 😛

However getting back to the title of this post; there is something about Wednesdays in the household, that turns my kids absolutely mental, crazy, angry, moody and feral.  I have decided to permanently name it “WACKY WEDNESDAY” in our household.

EVERY Wednesday morning I wake up to:

  • Screaming and fighting kids (one or another is at each other throats), there is running up and down the hallway, chasing and pouncing is going on.
  • Crying children; “I don’t like it” or “I want” (for breakfast – yet every other day the child will eat what is put in front of them or happy to go without etc).
  • Every Wednesday morning, one particular child can not find her sports uniform, another is missing a shoe (this happened yesterday morning too and we got to school VERY late), another is sulking because a sibling took their lunch or they don’t want what has been put on theirs …..

This morning, I had a son wearing blue shorts and insisted his proper BLACK sport shorts were missing and he was allowed to wear these coloured (between royal blue and navy coloured) shorts.  He also looked everywhere for his black pair (even though they were in his pile of folded laundry on the very top).  He also was so angry because I made him change his shorts.  Then he got even angrier because his foot wouldn’t fit in his jogger (he didn’t think to undo the laces did he).

Other children (while this going on) are arguing, taunting and picking on one another, none will get a move on or get in the car…. from 6.30am till 8.10am it is complete CHAOS.  If anyone came to my door they would think murder was being committed inside.

During this period of WACKY behaviours and in between sorting out the nonsense, you can vaguly picture that this was my final reaction to it all………… 


You can imagine my sigh of relief when I return home from the morning school run and drop off.


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