The mysterious vanishing socks and those teleporting hair ties…

Children’s accessories are numerous and the number of items can vary, however there are a couple of items that have very special miraculous powers such as disappearing and/or morphing into another. There is no explanation as to why this happens and perhaps we as parents will never know the answer, however to be brief; these would have to be “socks” and “school hair ties and clips”.

Now, lets start with the common household sock which has baffled parents for years.  Two go into the washing machine and sometimes only ONE comes out.  This unknown phenomenon usually happens to children’s socks, but on the rare occasion even adult socks have been known to also disappear as well.

Where they go or end up has always been a mystery and while the problem always starts out small, it eventually expands into what is know today as the biggest sock collection in the world.  You see, in all parts of the world, in every corner of the earth and in every household; people everywhere just seem to have this mountainous single sock collection.  Think about it… do have one too, don’t you?  

Seriously has anyone ever looked up to see if there is a world record for the most collected single socks?

Or course whether you are just starting out or have been collecting for years, the worst part of this ongoing collection is that IT IS an addiction!  This collection is way too special and in fact, parting with any of its contents is the most difficult thing to do.  You see, each single sock is personal and you just can’t throw any out, because as everyone knows, the moment you do this, the other miraculously appears from absolutely nowhere!!

Take a look at my fascinating collection, you may think there is nothing special about it, however there is also a funny thing about this pile of mine……you see….I am quite sure some of your missing socks are in my collection….and to be even more bizarre, I bet if you take closer look and go through your pile, you may also see some of my missing socks in your collection at home too.  


Then we have those blasted lovely girls school hair ties and clips; do you know that these things are just down right scary and have a mind of their own? One would say they are possessed and have the ability to even teleport through time.  

They can be found in multiple locations such as on driveways, in cars, on bathroom sinks and stuck down the drain hole, inside showers, in the toilet or on the floor near the toilet, inside clothes dryers and washing machines, found in clothes pockets, inside shoes, under beds, under lounges / couches and even under the cushions. They have also known to be found in school bags, kitchen drawers and inside the pantry, around door knobs, hairbrush handles, wrists and on the very odd occasion in the girls hair!!!

And then there are times, when they can not be located at all, for example, they tend to go away on holidays a lot and especially when purchased a week or two before hand.  They also don’t like living in confined quarters as boxes or containers are their worst enemy and I believe this is the very reason they vacate the premises quite often.

No doubt, you are probably now thinking….. so how does No Excuses sort out and solve the above problems? Here are couple of tips or steps to achieve your goal.


That Missing Sock Collection:

Step 1.  Take your mega sock collection and empty it out into the bin (i’ll wait here while you do it)………



Step 2.  Take a deep breathe and try to complete step 1.

Step 3.  Tip out sock collection onto a flat surface and sort through your sock pile again, just to make sure they isn’t any pairs that you may have missed sight of.

Step 4.  Put all socks back into your holding container and repeat Step 1.   If you can’t follow through, continue to Step 2, skip 3 and 4 and move onto Step 5.

Step 5.  Place container back to the holding area and proceed to cellar for a glass of wine to relieve the stress caused from the above steps.




And as for the hair ties and clips situation, my only suggestion is to shave all the girls heads in your household and problem solved!!!

 {photo credit ~ the Sassy Gourmet Chef,  during her “Worlds Greatest Shave” 2014}

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