Stain remover…which is the best?

When one has a lot of children (regardless of them being boys or girls) doing the laundry/washing can be confronting. One can even become angry and frustrated because a child has spilt some thing on a good shirt, dress or trousers.  

Anything from grass stains, mud, dirt, blood, oil, tomato sauce, orange juice etc, all of these are hard to get out of clothing.

Sometimes soaking in Nappy Soaker will work, other times, you may need to use a bit of elbow grease!  Or perhaps you could try bleach (But ONLY on already white clothing)!  

My children during the winter school terms have to wear WHITE long sleeved school shirts and blouses.  These get so filthy (each child has 3 shirts/blouses for the week). Come Friday afternoon, the only way to clean these is to soak them in my laundry sink with Nappy Soaker, HOT water and a dash of bleach.  I leave these soaking over night and re-wash them the next day!  

It is also amazing what a bit of sunshine bleach can do too.  Unfortunately some of the paint and ink stains just NEVER come out (if only they wore grey coloured school shirts during the winter time).

Years ago, I was able to purchase from either Woolworths or Coles  Dylon Stain Removers.  These were fanastic.  They came in small bottles and you just dabbed or smeared the remover onto the stain (like paint sponge bottles – see below).  These were magical even!  Here is a fact sheet on them.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to purchase these from any retailer for years.  (I have emailed the company several times too).

Alternatively I have found this 3 pack stain remover (only ever at Woolworths), these also do the job; not quite as fantastic as Dylon, but just as effective.  

lift off travel packFinding these online, was a problem (googling I mean) and this is the only link I could find.  Here.  This is also the OLD brand they use to sell at Woolworths as they were easy to use and packaged well (with a small drain hole  or lift up flap to pour onto stain).
The pack that I recently purchased (from Woolworths – above and left pictures) have very basic labelling, small print and are pump spray bottles.  After using a few times the spray mechanism is USELESS, as they stop working and I am forever removing the pump part and pouring directly onto the stains, while trying not to waist too much product. 

Otherwise, these still work great to remove tough stains without any hard scrubbing on my part!

If the stain remover was in bottles like these, it would be so easy to apply.  

(I wonder if I can purchase empty ones from some where? Ebay perhaps……nope it would seem not).

Have you any tips on removing stains you could share?