Easy chores for children and the family.

Organisation is a big part of my every day life.  I like to plan ahead, and finish a job before moving onto the next one.  Schedules and routines are essential in businesses, so why not use these methods in the home too?

As a mother of seven, life can be pretty hectic.  Peace and quiet does not occur often enough.

Lets be honest, kids make mess, and 7 of them make QUITE a lot of mess.  In order to get rid of the ‘mess’ it takes time, effort and some hard work and I can honestly say, that if I had not started training them at an early age, I would have probably fallen in a heap by now. Children need to learn to be responsible and have routines in their lives; without routine it can be chaos!

My home will be never be like a show home or look like its ready for a ‘open house inspection’, however, with some easy organisation ideas, you can make it tidy and less work for yourself.

ROUTINES are important, therefore I would like to share with you some of my children’s MORNING ROUTINE & EVENING ROUTINE chore charts.   I created these at home on my own computer and adjusted them accordingly to suite our family needs.

For young children – these laminated charts hang on their wall which have been printed onto a double sided A4 sheet.  All they need to do is flip them over.


The Morning Routine must be done as soon as they get up in the morning (7.00am) and completed before leaving for school, I inspect the rooms and if they haven’t made their bed or done these tasks, we don’t leave for school.

The Evening Routine, must be completed from the time they walk in the door till bed time.

Once again, I inspect their rooms and see if all the jobs have been done (obviously some of the things on the charts do not apply to the little ones, however, they try to make their bed and pick up toys etc).

Not only do the children have the above charts to do, I also have in my kitchen area a list of chores for each week as well (see it here on the SCHOOL ROUTINE PLANNER board).  This chart has also been laminated and a white board marker is used to write the children’s names along side the chore.

Names are written next the the job and are changed once I feel the child has done a job well, made an effort or learnt to do with the task with ease.  So far the above charts have been working well in our house hold and the children love helping and getting their individual jobs done.

The comments section (on the chart) is for those who complain or for ticks etc.  (And for dad to see when he is home of an evening).

And if you are really crafty, this is another chart for much older kids, which can be rotated.

So why not start today, don’t delay and make organising a part of your day!

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