Quick & easy sink cleaning

Large family kitchens, food preparation and sink areas do get a good work out.  Sinks in particular are always full or in constant use and get VERY dirty frequently.

Here is a simple and quick way to clean and also disinfect those sinks (without having to wait over hour or more to do the job – because we just don’t have time for that nonsense) ! Wink 

Place about a tablespoon of nappy soaker into each sink, turn on the hot water and add a dash of bleach. Both cleaning products will react and make a milky coloured substance.

Fill the sink so it overflows slightly to cover the draining racks.

If you can fit your dish washing rack inside the sink; this is a simple way to also clean this at the same time.

Wait about 10 minutes (or until you are able to put your hands into the sink without burning them or use rubber gloves).  Take a scourer and scrub the areas around the sink, drying rack, tap, walls behind and around the outsides. 

Remove the plugs, and give a good wipe around the inside of each sink.  When you wash up next (there were dishes still on the left side of the sink when I cleaned the above); all it takes is another quick wipe down.  

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