Pick it up, put it away, a home in order is the only way!

The most common phrase that gets thrown at me whenever I am out and about with my seven children is “wow, you must have your hands full“.  Well yes I do, but not the the way everyone thinks.

My hands are full of love (to cuddle and embrace), compassion and praise (to give a pat on back) and happiness to thank and reward!

Children must be taught that being part of a family is to learn, share and help one another.



Being a part of a community is about sharing common interests, nurturing and respecting one another, following rules and regulations (within the family) which of course involves chores and housework too.

From an very early age a child can learn the simplest of tasks from picking up after themselves to putting things away; whether it be cleaning and picking up toys, putting shoes in a box or even using the vacuum cleaner.Previously I wrote an article over at Mouths of Mums ~ Chores for kids … Even little hands can make light work! which will give a run down of simple jobs for children when it comes to cleaning your toy or play room.


Training children from an early age is essential; simple chores, and regular routines make the home environment a happy and pleasant place for all.

Home is where the heart is and if the home is clean, tidy and in order all family members, friends and relatives will always want to return home (and for years to come) to this welcoming

Clean, tidy and in order does not mean ‘spotless’ or looking like a show home either. This is near impossible with children in the house.  Besides a home is meant to be lived in, and a ‘show home’ is after all just a house!

Having the home in order, means ‘having a place for everything and having everything in its place’, hence if something is lying on the floor ~ pick it up and put it away!

A child or adult should be able to walk through the house in the middle of the night (without lighting) with no fear. They should feel safe to venture through the house without bumping or tripping over an obstacle or object that may be in the walkway. Hence having an evening routine of cleaning and tidying before bedtime is essential. Clear the walkway, pick up and put away. (Unfortunately there will always be a hidden like Lego or toy somewhere for the parent to stand on though ~ this is unavoidable.

Teaching your children to pick up after themselves will train them to become responsible adults in the future.  Simple tasks such as picking up dirty clothes and putting them into washing baskets, towels hung back up after baths and showers (this would have to be the biggest problem that we are still working on in this home), keeping bedrooms tidy and many more etc.

Children need to learn from example, be instructed, taught and trained. And with the continuous support, praise and love; they will even enjoy doing tasks, chores and cleaning at their own leisure ~ they may even surprise you and clean the entire house while you are having a morning sleep in!

So start today with this simple motto:

Pick it up, put it away, a home in order is the only way!