Hats, hats and more hats ~ who likes hats?

Hats, what’s not to love like about them?  Especially the old fashioned vintage ones.

I can not remember the first time I started to like hats; (perhaps my mother might have an answer to this one) however, in my teens I went off them and could never find any that would suit me.   

My favourite hat back in my teen years, was my Black Velvet riding hat.  I still have it too and the kids have used as a dress up (although I think it is now in the garage somewhere with the other horse riding helmets).  This old style riding helmet, is no longer ‘safe’ to wear!

Back in my 20’s (the younger years); if I wanted to purchase a hat, I had to venture into the children’s department to find one that would fit as I have a very small head size. Most ladies hats were way too big for my head so my love of hats died out for a while (I couldn’t wear kids hats after all)!

When I married, I also wanted to wear a hat instead of a veil; however I couldn’t find one to suit my dress (and fit on my head).

Isn’t this one pretty

If one would walk by or enter my bedroom, this is the first thing you see, the old fashion shabby chic desk and hat stand.  As you can see, I do love my hats.

So as the fashions changed (and I got older), I bought my first hat some time after I got married.  It was ideal for that small head of mine (as it has a draw string inside). It could be worn out and about in many ways.  And travelling with it was a breeze as it rolls up nicely and does not crease or fold!

My everyday or even sun hat!


The next hat I purchased was my very first ‘stylish’ ladies hat.  I was with a friend when I bought this.  We found a hat store in a department store (I firmly believe this store was from the “twilight zone”; as when we went back a week or two later to purchase another hat, we couldn’t find any trace of it).

My first Stylish Winter Hat

Of course two hats are not enough; and the next one was a bargain.  $5 is all I spent on this one.  Isn’t it classy and a touch of vintage too.

My Black Vintage Hat

Of course black is a great colour and can be worn with anything. 

In the past 6-12 months, I came across a hat stall at our local markets.  The store owner now knows me quite well  and I always get a discount ~ mainly because I buy a few hats off her (and sometimes more than one at a time, not only for me but my girls as well). Here are my market stall hats:

Market Hats

These two are mine:

My daughters hats also from the market stall – aren’t they cute?!

This next hat I got from a weekend away (many months ago) with hubby.  We walked into a shop and I liked, he bought!

Ladies Fedora Hat

And here is something a little less formal. Upon his recent trip OS and stopping in LA for a little while, hubby brought home a LA Dodgersbaseball cap for me (I just have to hide it as hubby tends to wear it too ~ I don’t want it to stretch to his head size)!

So if you like hats just as much as I do; you can also follow my Pinterest I LOVE HATS board.

Me ~ wearing Akubra Hat & Drizabone!

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