Handbag hook & holder for your car


Recently, I just got myself a runaround car and being an organiser, I have ventured through all the car accessories in various stores trying to find gadgets and things to keep the car organised and tidy, however what I was after in the way of storage wasn’t available, was a little too expensive or just way over the top, so after looking around on eBay, I came up with this idea instead!

There is nothing like having your handbag fall off the passenger seat along with its contents onto the floor of the car when one has to suddenly brake while driving, so I have made a handbag hook & holder.

This is all you need (along with a sewing machine or needle and thread).

Following are simple image instructions to make these:

Find an old shopping bag and cut off the handles (you may also want to snip off the end where it was sewn to the bag as it may be worn).  Burn each end to stop fraying and fold over about 2cm at each end and zigzag stitch.

Fold over again, using the carabiner clip as a guide for distance and zigzag another loop.

Fix the clips and then to your car headrest bar.  The longer hook can be used for you handbag and the other for an umbrella etc.  

When a passenger is seated turn hooks to back of seat or side.  You can also hang your handbag to the back of the seat if you wish too. So why not make one for both or more seats throughout your car.

The use is endless  though, perhaps you can think of somewhere else to use one of these hooks too.


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