There are days (and many evenings) when we just don’t feel like cooking; and feeding a large family can become monotonous and boring, yet we need to fill them up or they come back after dinner saying “I’m hungry”.

Here is a very simple but filling idea for dinner.  You can use burger buns or sliced bread and of course it is so EASY!



  • Beef burgers or rissoles
  • Lettuce
  • Onion
  • Tomato
  • Tasty cheese
  • Avocado ~ optional
  • Mayonnaise ~ optional
Not ever child likes lettuce or tomato etc, so I made them up to each child’s choice.

 After frying the onions first (I also put in some eggplant ~ but the kids didn’t notice) I cooked one side of the rissoles then squashed them down with a egg flip to cook one side.  Afterwards I cut them with a knife in half and flipped them to cook the ‘inside’ sections.  This way they were long enough for the bread I chose.

These are beef burger rissoles are from Tasman Meats

I then placed the cooked beef onto the prepared bread, added sauce and put into my sandwich press

……..which only took a few minutes and not a crumb was left on each to the kids plates

I told you it was EAST, enjoy!

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