Guess what you need to do tonight

Guess what happens tonight….the dreaded…………. 


I don’t know about you, but I HATE IT. 

Why you may ask?  Here are my pros and cons:

The longer daylight hours = more time to play, work around the yard, enjoy the great outdoors.

    BBQ with friends and family can be great due to the longer and warm hours during the evening.

    During the waking hours, it is much darker in the mornings.  You just might get a sleep in with the children not waking so early.

      Getting the kids to do their homework or go to bed goes right out the window (literally, they want to stay outside and play ).

      Dinner is served up later than usual due to the sun still being up. 

        Bath time in the evening drags on, “it’s still sunny, not time for bed” comments begin.

          Trying to wake the children for school is not easy, seeing it is darker and because they were up all night due to the sun still being up so late.   (Here is VIC where I am, the sun doesn’t go down till around 8.30 – 8.45pm.  Not good with little children who need their sleep & mothers that need their ‘time out’).

            I also pity the farmers (dairy), they still need to rise with the cattle times and not the clocks.

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