Getting Organised for the School Year

Some of you are probably thinking; WHAT THE or school isn’t even over for this year yet. (Don’t worry, I have the same thoughts).

However, the school uniform shop closed yesterday for the year and it won’t be open till Feb 2012, and there is no way I am lining up for odds and ends on the first day back.

So yesterday, during all my stress, strain, sorrows and confusion (Part 1 here; I drove up (afterwards) to the school and stocked up on sport socks, jumpers, polo tops etc. (I have a new Preppy/Kindergarten next year – most of his things will be hand me downs, yet socks are hard to come by).

You can image the amount of socks I would have in this home with 7 children and 6 of them attending school next year.

So here is a idea I came up with on how to find the pair when folding (and also hanging on the line).  I ask my kids, “does the sock have it’s other friend” when they help with folding or putting away.  This idea also helps when they need their sport socks, as each are colour coded.


There is no fighting over school socks in this house.

Material paints can be purchased from Spotlight or any material/craft store. These paints are permanent too.

I also use the paints to write surnames on back of collars, waist bands and on the inside of blazers / coat jackets. Labelling items of school clothing is important; especially when you need to purchase so many.  Losing items and having to replace them is costly and expensive.

So if I do loose a item of clothing; the person who may have it has NO EXCUSES, because the name is clearly labelled in big coloured painted writing and the chances of getting them back are much higher!

This is one job I can cross of my list for next year!

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