Express “self serve” checkouts ~ love em or hate em?

Grocery shopping, do you love it or hate it?  Perhaps you are not fussed or find it very stressful? Either way, it must be done right?  

If you haven’t read about No Excuses shopping experiences then you can do so here. There is also a shopping list that I am happy to email upon request. 

Bulk shopping is a must when one has a large family, however as the children get older (and there are more of them); milk, bread, fruit and vegetables are the top items that run out quickly and require a regular shopping trip. 

These smaller shopping trips are quicker and much easier than the regular bulk buying, as it requires a small trolley load or even just the use of a basket.  It’s fast, effortless and efficient AND especially with the new Express self serve checkout lines.  Of course having small children with you while shopping is not at all easy; however older children and even a 4 yr old can be a great help when using the self service checkout!

On the other hand, shopping with a MAN is something I do not enjoy.  Mr No Excuses must take charge of the trolley, packing and unpacking of the groceries in the checkout and onto the treadmill or in most cases the express self serve checkout.

Every time we go ‘together’ I ask him “are you sure you want to use the DREADED this”?  


Most times, he starts scanning, gets frustrated, yells at the screen, and then grabs all his ‘stuff’, leaves the machine talking to itself and lines up on a ‘proper’ checkout!

Only last night, my 12 year old daughter and I experienced this; and we tried to help him; the cashier lady who ‘stands’ and monitors the machines had to ‘fix’ our checkout a number of times (due to hubby not waiting for the green light or not even putting items into the baggage area).  We did however get through the whole process without having to line up again.

Perhaps its a man thing?  I have no problems with using the express checkout, it is easy, fast and simple.  The only times I have had to get assistance is when something of light weight has been put into the bags and the machine can ‘sense’ it in there.  I also love the fact I can:

  • race in and out of a supermarket with ease.  
  • there is also no need wait in line up behind a person with a full trolley load on the treadmill
  • and if I am out of sorts I don’t need to answer “fine thanks” if I don’t have too 😉

Most supermarkets and even retail stores (such as Big W) have moved over to the self serve express checkouts. At first they were daunting, however I now find it frustrating walking into a supermarket that has not yet installed them. My eldest daughter (going on 15 yrs old) also is able to use these machines with ease and loves them too. When we are out together, I happily let her do the scanning for me, while I zap through the card, it’s just so quick, easy and simple.

So, why does my hubby find it so hard to use these machines?  Perhaps it comes down to how a men’s and women’s brain works.  After watching the following video I can only confirm the following, perhaps my ‘man’ is stuck in one of his boxes and not able to ‘compute’ too many things happening at once….

Watch and you may understand….

  (I do love you honey) 🙂 

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