Easy to reach mobile phone charger

Here is a simple idea for those mobile phone charger cords! 

Never bend over the side of the bed to reach for them again.

Make an easy elastic strap that can tie around anything.

All you need is:

  • Two pieces of elastic (the kind used for waist bands).
  • One large button.

Thread one elastic through the front of the button (I also used a tapestry needle to help) and tie a knot to secure.

Then knot the other elastic ends together, and cow hitch this onto the button elastic.

For smaller posts or even a drawer knob, wrap the elastic around a post (eg. the bed head) and hook the button inside the loop.  For larger posts, use the extension loop.

No more bending over the side of the bed to find the cord.  

This could also work with your laptop cord too.

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