Driving accessories and that unorganised mess

Keeping the car clean and tidy on the inside is a constant battle (especially with lots of kids and a huge space to clean – see our Toyota Hi Ace).

Here you will see the view from the drivers seat.  Our model of Hi Ace did not come with a middle console or storage compartment.  Hence the reason for the basket in the middle.

When I am behind the wheel, my handbag is placed to the right of the basket. However trying to locate a mobile phone, sunglasses or the GPS which are all hidden in the basket somewhere is not an easy thing to do while driving.

This basket becomes a dumping ground for EVERYTHING including unnecessary junk.

I have brought it inside to my bedroom; to sort it out, tidy up and then give it some organisation.

After removing the book to the side (that was on top of the pile), this is what was inside:

  • a box of tissues
  • papers
  • two glasses cases (the orange one has my driving only specs and the pink one my everyday sunglasses)
  • packing tape ~ (well you never know when you may need some I guess)
  • GPS and holder
  • CD’s Case
  • static cleaning cloths
  • winter driving gloves
  • extra junk

Something had to be done about this clutter and I found this Set of 3 handbag organisers from Target for only $12.00 (there was only pink though) but I got thinking….

No more mess; we have success….

The plastic bag is a Kmart item that needs returning….

Look at all that room inside; even the CD case will fit!

Here it is back in the middle area of the van…

What I love about this NEW idea is that now when I take hubbies car out for the day, all I have to do now is grab the handbag organiser and carry it to his car; rather than having a handful of glasses cases, the GPS and other bits and pieces that I need to use while I am driving.

The other two spare bag organisers will be used of course; but perhaps put to other use elsewhere in my home…

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