A car “boot” sale anyone?

Have you ever gone through your home, counted and sorted shoes.  I am not talking about your own, but the ENTIRE family ~ most importantly the kids.  This is not an easy task mind you, it’s almost as difficult as storing or sorting clothes.

After reading this post from My Jewellery Box blog ~ Drowning in a Sea of Shoes ~ I thought to myself….I wonder how many we have in this household.

Hence I went to investigate………………………….and counted 143 pairs of shoes in total (this was after tracking down the missing pairs and going through all the bedrooms and storage boxes and NOT INCLUDING the 7 others that are on the children’s feet at school and my 4yr old right now) I also found about 10 extra shoes that had a missing left or right friend.

First thing was to search the areas for shoes ~ this is inside my front door area and outside the front door

16 pairs (I found the two missing shoes that are on the shelf).

 These were outside the back door area:

My dog was helping sort them out!

I counted 34 pairs (I could be wrong though); and not all the friendless ones were found.

Then I went into the bedrooms: these are some of the boys shoes (most were all over the house and outside areas) I brought these out as their bedroom for the photos (their bedroom is in a shocking state this morning) the other orange ugh boot is still missing….. total here ~ 13 + 1.

 The girls rooms:

Left side ~ 11yr olds = 7 pairs. Right side ~ 9yr olds = 10 pairs.
12yr old girl = 7 pairs.
14yr old girl = 11 pairs +1 (can’t find the other ugh boot and the other green thong is outside).

 Now onto the storage boxes:  A box of slippers

8 pairs

A box of baby boy shoes:

15 pairs

Two more boxes ~ one with bigger boys and one with small girls shoes:

22 pairs that were in storage

Do your kids have this many shoes?  Boy oh boy…….wait till hubby sees this post.  I have 3 bags of shoes ~ 30 pairs in total at the back door ready for the next bin collection.  These came from various areas of the above photos and I am still thinking of adding a few more!

So what to do with all these shoes that are not in use?  Do I keep them (all the good ones) or give them away? Some of the baby shoes are still in good condition too.  Perhaps I should set up a “car boot sale” at school or a shopping centre car-park and see if I can flog the lot, or perhaps keep and store or give to the poor?

What do you think?



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