A Big T-Shirt problem? A sewing project to make smaller!

I was given this t-shirt below when I joined up with my Boot Camp for Women – Personal Training (and will be given more in the future during my progress), however as you can see it’s a one size fits all.

My kids even said “mum that is HUGE on you”, so I did a bit of online research and tried my hand at altering the size.

Because the t-shirt didn’t have side seams, I went and used a t-shirt I wear to use as a template.

Using a chalk pencil I traced using the top t-shirt as a guild starting from the shoulder/sleeve seam, running down along the side of the blue t-shirt while allowing for a seam allowance.

Cutting one side only, I then folded the t-shirt halfway and cut the other side to match.

The sleeves were also too big and I used the blue t-shirt as a guide again, lining it up to the exact angle and where the seem would be sewn, drew a line using the cut out area to make a new sleeve pattern.  then I used this to cut the other sleeve.

Opening the t-shirt out and the sleeves. Pin the centre top of the sleeve to the shoulder seam first (with right sides together), then fit and pin the entire sleeve across the arc area and sew.

When both sleeves are sewn onto the t-shirt, sew from the arm pit to down the sides of the shirt to finish.

Smaller T-shirt – Check!

Heres another I did too.

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