A home-schooling mum’s chore chart

Need some jobs or chores done by the kids; here is a simple idea for getting chores done around the home.  This busy home schooling mum of 6 has kindly shared her effective chore chart with No Excuses! Easy organising for large families.

Each child has a A4 laminated card printed with their name at the top and a “TO DO” and “DONE” section attached to the fridge door.

After downloading, printing and laminating card sized images, mum sets out the tasks each day by blue-taking cards onto each child’s chart (I might have to let her know about these new restickables).  Each card is double sided with the chore written on one side and the funny picture on the reverse side.  


Each day, cards are placed onto the charts and as the children complete their individual jobs the cards are moved to the done section.

IMG_20130211_223321 IMG_20130211_223349


  • I’m less likely to forget to get something done
  • I don’t have to be asking the kids every 5 minutes if their jobs are done, I can tell straight away
  • If something isn’t done to my satisfaction, I just move the card back into the “to do” section without having to tell anyone off

I’m not very strict with time at all, but usually the kids get to their jobs before school, after lunch or around dinner time, depending on what else is going on in our day. I check the charts one last time after dinner, and whoever hasn’t done everything misses out on the last playtime of the day, and they only have themselves to blame“.

Anne ♥

What a great motivator and EASY enough to develop in anyone’s home!

Many thanks Anne for submitting this post.  If you too would like to be featured on No Excuses! Easy organising for large families and have a great idea like the above, then please click here for more details:

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  1. Let the Wildflowers Grow Let the Wildflowers Grow
    23, February 2013    

    I am a Homeschooling mum of four and I find that chores center around the morning,before we begin our day,and then the afternoon before we serve dinner,so we can settle into more calming activities until they go to bed.I like the fridge chore chart idea,very cool,easy and no frustration on mamas part 🙂 Jess

  2. Michelle Michelle
    12, February 2014    

    Can I down load the template for your chore chart and make adjustments to suit our home? So far I have not been able to figure out how to make changes! Thanks

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