Wild and erratic driving

Those of you with large families and drive a mini-van or mini-bus (which ever you wish to call it); will relate to this I am sure.

When ever there is gale forced winds, children (and animals too) tend to play up big time. They are rowdy, psycho, loud, full of energy and just constantly on the go (more so than normal).  To sum it up in one word they are WILD.

On days like this, I not only dread the kids behaviour but also having to take them out in the car or even just drive the huge van in these conditions is hard work.

Riding A Bike Clip Art

During departing for school; because these WILD things are so worked up, bikes are being ridden, tennis rackets used and roller blades zooming all over the driveway, when the kids SHOULD be inside the car.  The concept that it is a school day (and the fact they are in their uniforms) means nothing to them.

Once all bodies are finally seated inside the vehicle; the noise doesn’t stop there; animal like noises are being made from the rear section (the radio then gets turned up to a higher than usual volume).


Driving in these conditions requires talent and also takes insanity to the limit. Not only does one need to compete to the wild animals in the back; but also driving a monstrosity of a vehicle in heavy winds is in itself a physical challenge.

I tend to have to grip the steering wheel for dear life, while firming pushing my body and back towards my seat JUST to be able to have some sort of control behind the wheel (like a racing car driver).


Where I live I have to use a major highway constantly; so driving in high winds sends the van suddenly into a swerving, intermittent drunk driver state on the road. Sudden gusts of wind can push the car from driving straight to a swivel and then to the point of almost changing lanes without even indicating.

Strong hand control is essential; to the point of sweaty palms and almost a cramp like sensation with red raw imprints from the steering wheel.

This tension is not only from holding strong onto the steering wheel (due to the wind) but also because of the mental strain that has built up due to those wild hyenas in the back seats too.

Whilst driving on the road and trying to keep the vehicle under control; various thoughts stream through the mind…..”I hope the car doesn’t flip over……please keep away from me other car, bloody hell…don’t pass in front of me now, oh was that a police car…..perhaps they think I am under the influence”.

Those of you that drive a smaller vehicle have no idea what it is like to maneuver a large vehicle in high winds.

Trucks, buses and other larger vehicles would also have this problem; so bare in mind when driving along side as we may appear erratic drivers, but really it’s the wind and not us.

So if you happen to pass a large family vehicle on the road during a VERY windy day; be assured it is NOT our fault that the car just swerved while you were close behind.

Keep your distance, stay clear and perhaps prayer that we keep our vehicle straight and firm on the roads.  And if something does horribly go wrong, please call the authorities and help us out.

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