Which white sauce?

I had a discussion this evening (after a friend read my recent Italiano recipe posts from today). What could not be decided on; was the difference between the sauces: Béchamel, White and Mornay.

You could spend hours online, looking up a sauce only to find out it has a different ingredient or missing something you thought was meant to be in it.

Therefore, I feel these are the proper and basic ingredients for the following:

White Sauce – butter, flour & milk (for corned beef, cold meats, chicken & vegetables).

Mornay Sauce – butter, flour, milk & cheese (for pasta dishes and bakes, over vegetables, steak or chicken – See my TUNA MORNAY)

Béchamel – butter, flour, milk, cheese & eggs (for baking, over lasagne, moussaka, pasta bakes).

So next time I mention a particular sauce in my weekly menu’s, at least you will know which I am using.