Under the Lounge

I have often wondered how kids manage to stuff things under the lounge. When it comes to cleaning underneath them, it involves pulling the heavy lounges apart (we have a Leather corner/modular unit), and sliding them across the room to vacuum or sweep up the dust, dirt, toys and those rotten mouldy apple cores.

(I don’t know how many times I tell them NOT to eat on the lounge – our rule is EAT IN THE KITCHEN ONLY).

So…..last night (while trying to sleep), I got a thought or an idea.  There must be an easier way!

Do you remember the post when I cleaned out my Linen Closet? (which was two days ago). Well inside I found an old set of Queen sized flannelette sheets that had not been used for a while. I was going to toss these out and I had left them in a pile in the laundry (could be used for drop cloths on floor or over furniture if we decide to re-paint a bedroom etc).
So this is what I did….
It would be easier with one person at each end, (next time I will get the kids to do this, they also might find it a bit of tug-a-war fun).

However I managed to clean (sweep) out the toys, food and dirt.  The flannelette sheet grabbed all the dust very easily and I didn’t do my back in by moving the heavy furniture.

(I am not sure this would work if my lounges were on carpet though).

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