There are no rules as to what you can be put onto a pizza, all it requires is the dough and your creativity.  Below are the steps of how to assemble a pizza in the Tupperware Jel Ring.

Firstly make up a batch of pizza dough either in a bread machine (recipe here) or by hand.

Use a rolling pin and start assembling:


Place into the freezer for 20 – 30 minutes to set the mould. 

Remove lid, place onto a greased tray, pull out insert and bake in oven at 230C for about 20 minutes.



These would be a great freezer item; pre make a few and once set, remove from the Tupperware Jel Ring container and place into a freezer bag.  

When having a busy afternoon, there will be a quick and simple meal all ready to go for that evening, not only are they pre made but a very healthy frozen dinner too.

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