Time out! How often do mothers get to do this?

Parents (and in particular) mothers need some time out once in a while.

I am not talking about hiding in the bedroom or bathroom (although the bathroom hiding never works does it…..they still find you in there “mum…………….mum…………mum”, we can’t even……*$%*@ in peace can we).

Nor do I mean a day of shopping (not the grocery kind) or a quiet walk alone or the Cadbury chocolate above. These may seem like “Time Out” however, I am referring to actually LEAVING, going away and having some REAL time out!

Those with large families probably would agree that getting away on a regular basis is not at all easy.  With 3 or less kids, it probably could be quite easy to get away ~ as 3 children would be easier to mind or billet out than 7. Being able to just book a flight, and jump on a plane at the drop of a hat is not something we can do.  (Sadly I was invited to a Bloggers Brunch in Sydney in Nov; but of course there is no point in even considering this; how will the kids get to school or be brought home ~ my husband still must work, I can’t ask him to take the day off for this).

If the mother was just heading off alone, the husband (if quite capable and has the time off work) could look after his own brood.  But if he still needs to work, finding someone to either take them all or come into your home while the mother is away requires months of planning.

Often enough, one would think that the grandparents would be the obvious choice for sitters; however if they live interstate it does make things rather difficult.  Aunts and uncles also might spring to mind, yet they too might have their share of children, busy lives and schedules.

However, if by chance a sitter is found to take care of the family, then parents (and mothers in particular) should try to take TIME OUT more often and go away for a break or holiday without the kids.

In saying the above, I don’t recall the last time I actually got some REAL time out.  Hubby and I have gone away for a night or two together (where home is only a 2 hour drive away if we needed to rush home). We would have got in a nanny or a niece or another family friend to watch the children.

Yet, I really can not pin point the last time in 14 years (of our marriage) since I have actually gone on a holiday or time away with hubby outside of the State for more than 2-3 days (family holidays don’t count).  Hubby with his career has travelled to many corners of the world ~ one day I may be able to go with him (when the children are fully grown and have left home perhaps).  Yet when the opportunity arose for me to tag along with hubby on a business trip to Tasmania ~ Hobart; you can image my excitement.  I wasted no time and started planning asap.

First thing was to find a sitter and with 6 of the children attending school, they couldn’t very well hitch a ride with another family due to no room for 6 more passengers.  Then there was my 4 yr old home alone ~ who would look after him?

Both mine and hubbies parents do live interstate and were unable to come.  So I turned to a dear friend of mine. Thankfully she came to the rescue and will stay in our home with the children as well as use the van and take them to school (it also helps that she happens to be a teacher there too).  My 4 yr old boy will stay at friends place during the day (which is also near the kids school).

As you can imagine, I am TRULY looking forward to my TIME OUT (even if it’s only for 4 days)!

Hence I have been packing my bag (slowly, as we do ~ trying on different clothes, going through my jewellery etc), googling things to do in Hobart and looking up the local shops and restaurants.  Hubby and I are staying at the Salamanca Inn All Suite Hotel; have a look at their site, it does look lovely (I have also packed my swimmers to use the indoor pool), have look at the other photos on their Facebook page here.

While in Hobart, I also am hoping to meet and catch up with the Phenomenal Woman; who also has 7 children and blogs here.

While i’m away, I plan to make the most of my days off  ~ no early mornings, no alarm clocks (unless I am going on a tour for the day), no cooking (if I can help it ~ but I seriously don’t mind cooking and enjoy it at times. Besides it would only be for 2 people and not 9).  No washing or laundry (except for hanging up my wet swimmers from using the indoor pool). No school taxi service or driving around the country side (except in a hire car to go sight seeing, a cafe/restaurant or attraction).

Do you think I am counting down the days (of course I am); so parents (particularly mothers), take some TIME OUT; however, husbands its up to you to either take your wife with you (on a child free holiday) or treat her to a few (or many) nights away from home.  She will be much better for it ~ Refreshed, Relaxed and Recharged (three R’s) AND all Ready (make that four R’s) to tackle family life once more.

NEWS FLASH ~ after typing the above, my dear friend from My Jewellery Box decided to take my advice above and is having her own TIME OUT here.  Be sure to head over and have a read……. because there is some exciting news for me there too!