Those little buggers….

As a parent and a mother of 7 children, there would have to be one thing in my busy household that I can not tolerate…..  

It’s those little buggers that managed to find their way onto a child’s head and cause an itching vengeance.

Yes you all know whom I am referring too….. NITS!

These cunning little critters have a tendency to strike at the most inconvenient times too.

Normally they are found on the very day you need to get out of the house or have been invited to an important event eg. a friends birthday party; picnic with friends or date night.

They also show their ugly bodies when you have just ran out of the last bottle of treatment (that you used 6 months ago) and of course you can not even remember the name of the brand or whether it was effective of not.

I am not going to show you any pictures of these nasty little buggers ~ just the very thought of them is making me itch.

Only weeks ago, two of my boys and my youngest daughter got another infestation (where from is a mystery as we had not been anywhere during the school holidays).  So I treated them with an oozy bottle of goo.  Trying to squirt and squeeze a bottle of gunk out of a bottle with slimy sticky hands is near impossible (not to mention the mess streaming down to the elbows while trying to run your fingers through a child’s hair and at the same time effectively wiping your sleeves over the towel draped around their shoulders).  In the end I had to call on another child or extra set of hands  to help with the process (I think hubby was home last time we had to do this though).  

During all of this, the child whom you are dealing with is also squirming and crying due to the fact that the whole process has taken just over an hour.  Then of course we have complaints of the smell of the product, hair is being pulled and also “I’m cold” due to their wet slimy head of hair.  After doing 2 heads followed by a third, the last child probably does not get treated as well due to the fact mum is SO OVER IT.

Recently in the mail I was sent a sample bottle of Full Marks Head Lice Treatment to try from Mouths of Mums.  My first thoughts were, “oh, I wont need to use this for ages as I just got rid of the buggers only weeks ago”.  HOW STUPID of me to think such a thing.

It was only yesterday that I noticed my youngest daughter AGAIN scratching (this was the child that didn’t get the proper treatment from last time I guess).  So I opened the packaging and was horrified to see the tiny sized bottle of Full Marks Solution Spray – 150ml.  My first thoughts of course were “this is not going to treat many heads in my household”.

So without thinking, I made her stand and I gave her head one quick spray.  I was amazed how it covered a great part of her head.  Within 5 minutes I had her whole head of hair coated in the solution; there was also no tears, no fuss and no smell (this daughter of mine is one of those that cries over everything), she was so good with this treatment, even this mummy was amazed.  Part 1. was just SO EASY, there was no ‘slime’ and only made her hair oily and I didn’t need a towel around the shoulders either.  I only had to use a small amount of the bottle (another amazement), hence I will have enough to do another treatment in a weeks time and probably 3-5 other heads in the house – (I hope I have not just jinxed myself now).


Here is a little info on the product:

Full Marks is gentle on your children’s scalp while still being clinically proven to kill head lice and eradicate eggs.
Unlike other head lice treatments that try to poison the louse with pesticides, Full Marks works by physical action causing irreversible dehydration and shrinkage of the louse.
Why Use Full Marks Head Lice Treatments?
✓ Contains no harsh traditional pesticides
✓ Clinically proven to kill head lice and eradicates eggs
✓ Quickly and easily treat head lice in under 10 minutes
✓ Odourless
✓ Suitable for sensitive skin
✓ Suitable for children over 2 years old
How to Use Full Marks:
  1. Apply to dry hair and leave for 10 minutes.
  2. Comb through hair with comb provided to remove the remains of lice and eggs.
  3. Finally wash out using non-conditioning shampoo. It’s that easy.
  4. Remember to retreat 7 days later*
*With many non-traditional insecticides – including Full Marks Solution – a second treatment, seven days after the first is required. This is to kill any newly-hatched lice which may have been missed in the initial treatment.
RRP: $19.95
Where To Buy: Available at your local pharmacy. Please call   1800 999 155       for your nearest store.

When it came to Part 2. of combing through the hair, a little brush was provided with the box.  Although the teeth were short, I found it worked well through the hair and again I was amazed how easily the “little buggers” came away from the hair.  All the adults were dead and the eggs just came straight off the strands of hair.  This process took about 10-15 minutes.  As you can see my daughter has a bobbed short hairdo.

Part 3. washing took a little extra time due to the oil residue.  However after 3 washes with some ordinary shampoo my daughters hair was clean once more.

Apparently this solution is available in chemists and pharmacies, so next time I need to get rid of nits, I will be searching the shelves for this product. Never again will I *sigh* or cringe when I find the “little buggers” in my kids hair.

Thanks to Full Marks they have made this job EASY and hassle free.


*this was not a sponsored post, nor was I paid by Mouths of Mums or Full Marks to do this review.  The above is based on my own opinions of the sample product, hence I wish to share the results with all families that have to fight the dreaded LICE plague in their homes.