This week is all over the place…

I planned to share my weekly menu planner and recipes with you….however, it turns out I am cooking as I go this week, (so much for being organised huh – no one is perfect). 
Monday, the kids had a day off school.  So I took the day off, had someone watch the kids and went window shopping and  had lunch with a dear friend.  The kids made their own dinner of meat pies, mash spuds, frozen peas and boiled carrots (easy, but they love it)!
Today I spent doing errands including my 2-3 months worth grocery shop.  This ended up being an all day job.  I only had  a limited amount of time between school/kinder drop off and picking up again.  Afterwards I had a van full of groceries, 6 school bags and 14 feet – surprisingly nothing got squashed.  After unpacking and putting all the groceries away (which took an hour)…..
Dinner was a throw together of: carrots peeled & sliced length ways – boiled on stove.  Broccoli and cauliflower; drizzled with olive oil and boiled on stove – when cooked, I drained the water and sprinkled on parmesan cheese (I use corning-ware dishes for my cooking) .  Oven rice (I only ever use Basmati rice, it is the best for the oven.  I hardly ever cook boiled rice on the stove top – always inside).    Luckily I did manage to take out ready made (raw) rissoles from the freezer first thing this morning – (during the breakfast rush hour). I just wasn’t certain what I was I was going to do with them.  So my new creation:  Meatball Espresso! (Recipe coming), it was delicious and so quick and easy and a first.  The above dinner took all of 10mins to prepare.  
Tomorrow, is another big day, as my daughter will be making her Confirmation in the evening.  So dinner will need to be eaten early (5pm).  I have already prepared this and have a whole chicken ready for the crock-pot in the morning, along with rosemary & garlic baked potatoes (for the oven) and a salad.  I will come up with a dessert tomorrow, for the special occasion.
Thursday, is normally Pizza night (home-made), as my girls go to Irish Dancing classes – it is my turn to drive them (I car pool with two other mothers – we take turns in driving our girls).
Friday, I might do fish and chips takeaway…or my quick 10 minute Tuna Mornay on rice. 
Saturday/Sunday – dunno just yet, perhaps I can get hubby to cook ;).