These routines can be disrupted…

After my very first post (which was late last night), I would like to point out that my boys morning routine went right out the window this morning.

After breakfast and doing the rounds of the bedroom inspections; low and behold…the 5yr old (who is still in night pull-ups for wet beds), decided to have a game (I call it fight), with his elder brother; firstly he swung the full and very WET pull-up around the room and then tossed it at his brother….

On entering the room, I get a visual of this child culprit crouching with the dust pan and brush (at least he went and got the notion to clean it up), squatting amongst many slimy yellow/urine coloured balls all over the floor, walls, inside the wardrobe sliding door rail and all over the wardrobe mirrors.

The only alternative to picking this stuff up, was my trusty Dyson Vacuum cleaner.  There I was having to clean up an unnecessary mess at that time of morning – 7.30am; and not near enough time left until school bus had to leave (I am the bus diver)

Who among you have had to deal with this mess before?  The worst though, is when you have a disposable nappy (wet not poop) go through the washing machine…..but this is another tale to tell. 

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