The prang I never had!

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

This is a tough one for me; if I was to answer this as a child, the list would be huge.  

Nothing worries me too much these days, those that know me would probably honestly say that “nothing fazes her”.

Grizzly critters, crawling bugs, spiders, insects etc do not frighten me in the least.  

I will never forget the time when a friend phoned me one morning asking me to come over to her house to kill a huntsman spider that was on her lounge room ceiling.  She was WAY too frightened to even use the vacuum cleaner and had all her children at foot also watching in fear…

The ironic thing about the above act of bravery was this; after I had done the deed I said to my friend (after she thanked me); “Any time, was very easy as I am not afraid; at least it wasn’t a snake”….well that very afternoon from leaving her place and heading home afterwards…low and behold….this was at my back door.

This last encounter was two years ago ~ a Black Tiger Snake

(thankfully we have not seen a snake these last two summers).

The sight of a snake or two in the back yard is not pleasant and a constant worry with kids.  On two occasions I have had to deal with Tiger Snakes on the property alone and it was either the snake or me and the kids….. I won the battle.

Dirty nappies, soiled pants (well actually I don’t like these), muddy and sticky faces etc are gross, yet don’t make me feel too uncomfortable.  Vomiting children, sicked on clothes, bedding and carpets on the other hand…..well perhaps a little.

On the other hand, there was the time when I borrowed my husbands car and took it out shopping for the day. I was alone and without any children.  After getting back into the vehicle from a quick stop at an OP shop I noticed a good scratch and dent on the passenger side bumper bar.

At that very moment I freaked; but was also puzzled.  Just before going into this shop… I DID do a U turn, and there WAS a fence or gate entry that I passed as I did it.  The fence DID have a dent in it and it appeared to have been hit (the gate had the exact dent and space where a car would have hit it).

BUT, I did not feel a bang, nor did I think or notice hitting it…..BUT believe me I was EXTREMELY WORRIED…..

Thoughts kept going through my mind…..’I would have felt it, I know I didn’t do it…..or did I.  Perhaps I had the radio on too loud and didn’t notice…..oh boy he is going to kill me”…….

On the way home I managed to talk myself into owning up….and I took a deep breath…..

However, as us women have great tact and skill of persuasion and knack for changing our words….. I came out with the following….

“honey………….your front bumper bar………….it’s got a dent in it……..”

But before I could finish the sentence…..hubby replied

“oh yeah that…..I did that the other day”…..

You can imagine my relief and I almost squealed like a young girl again; but instead I went quietly inside and did a happy dance in the privacy of my room!

So tell me, have you ever had to own up to something you did (or didn’t do) before?

Did it make you feel uncomfortable?  

What was it?  

I would love you to share and comment below, can you top my experience with “the prang that I never did”!


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