Setting up a homework area!

Homework  areas are great for those with large families and if you have the room for an extra table rather than using the dinning one then I highly recommend it.

Picture this; 6 kids all sprawled round a kitchen bench top or the dinning table, writing, asking for help, while the 4 yr old tugs on the skirt, one is reciting their times tables, another reading aloud, one asking for food, another crying because he or she can’t do their maths or spelling words…… THIS IS normal!

Homework takes a great deal of time to get through and if they were sprawled all over the dinning table; dinner would not happen.

With the new school year just starting back, the homework area was set up the same way as last year.

Homework area ~ 2012
First day back at school ~ 2013

However, after using the above system for one day; it was changed to this below.

The white board has separated the dinning room from the homework area.  I used the old shoe shelf from our front door area (used in 2012) and placed all the stationery on there.


The old containers for the pencils and pens have been re-used again; Two HERSHEY’S COCOA containers (purchased from  my Costco shopping).

The pencil sharpener also lasted a year (purchased  from Office Works) and now has its place on the shelves too.


The other side of the screen holds chore charts, information and  a new SCHOOL ROUTINE ORGANISER, see here!


Just a couple of simple ideas without breaking the budget!
Further info on our homework routine can be read here:

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